Relish the New York Koreatown Vibe at West 32

Relish the New York Koreatown Vibe at West 32


A new restaurant in Poblacion will surely make you exclaim “Daebak!” with what it has to offer.

There lies a neighborhood in New York City’s 32nd Street where those who crave for a little taste of Korea go—Koreatown or Little Korea. What was once a vicinity frequented by Korean immigrants is now a sanctuary for those who love a little K in their lives—K-Dramas, K-Pop, and of course, K-Barbecue.

Whether you’re up for a scrumptious feast with your friends followed by an even better time in a noraebang, Koreatown is surely the best place to be.

But what if we tell you that there’s a spot in Makati where you can have a bite of what Koreatown has to offer? Think Korean-American fusion with the interiors matching the place’s contemporary take on favorite Korean dishes.

Well, if your curiosity is killing you, take a night trip to Poblacion and check out West 32—the newest restaurant in the block that teleports you to where it got its name—the 32nd Street of NYC. The place gives off a hole-in-the-wall Korean eatery with a sophisticated twist. Accents of green are found everywhere, an impeccable match to the classic soju bottles.

Brooklyn Industries Group CEO Jeff Oh and Notorious Concepts CEO James Thomas are two best friends who were inspired by the 32nd Street in the Big Apple—the place where they felt at most home. As immigrants in the concrete jungle, they know too well that home is never singularly defined. With West 32, they aim to welcome their comers and give them a sense of chill, comfortable, fun—just like what a home provides.

The restaurant has a wide selection of dishes that will surely satisfy your palate. Forget the diet myth of eating less at night—enjoy the goodness of a full course meal with West 32 when the clock strikes five in the afternoon.


Begin your Korean-American food trip with a range of seven appetizers: Corn Chi-ji Skillet, Classic Gyeranjjim, Crispy PaJeon, Crab and Caviar Gamja Jeon, Fire Chicken n’ Cheese Ttoekbokki, and Rosé Ttoekbokki.

Of course, what would a Korean restaurant be without the Korean Style Fried Chicken? You can choose between the spicy yangnyeom or soy garlic flavors.

Spicy Yangnyeom Flavor


Next, you have your usual main dish favorites: Chicken or Beef Bulgogi, The West 32 Samgyeopsal, Beef Belly Kimchi Fried Rice, Stone Bowl Bibimbap, and Full Rib Galbi-jim.

Their soup and stews will warm your cold, rainy days. Take your pick with among the Classic Soondubu Jigae, Seafood Soondubu Jigae, and Classic Doengjeng Jigae.

Seafood Soondubu Jigae


Finally, balance the savory with something sweet by trying their contemporary take on a famous snack, Hotteok á la Mode. There’s also the Banana Milk Pudding, their dessert version of the classic childhood beverage of Koreans.


Wait, care for a longer night out? West 32 also offers a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks that will surely add to the good time you’re sharing with your friends. Whether you’re capping the night off or just starting your Poblacion adventure, don’t forget to try their current best-selling drink, That’s The One. It’s a fruity, sparkling take on soju. If you’re looking for something new, get the Lychee-Tofu Goji Shake. Yes, we’re talking about silken tofu in your drinks.

West 32 is definitely not just for fans who love Korean culture or for those who are planning to bar-hop in Poblacion. This is the place to be when you want to feel at home with the sight, taste, and feel of what it has to offer.

You know what they say, home can be a person or a group of people. So the next time you visit West 32, bring your home in your new home.

West 32 is located at 8464 Kalayaan Avenue, Poblacion, Makati.

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