Relive Your 90s Supermodel Obsession with Claudia Schiffer Makeup

Relive Your 90s Supermodel Obsession with Claudia Schiffer Makeup


Rockstar beaus aside, there’s no better match than a supermodel and expertly-applied makeup. Yes, they’re genetically gifted enough to look amazing even without makeup on, but even the most slapdash application—otherwise known as the Model Off-Duty—just look so good. Their secret? Proximity to the experts.

In the 1990s, the so-called Supers were always perfectly coiffed, immaculately manicured and divinely made up by only the very best glam teams. Because of all the time they spent getting made up, they picked up a whole bag of tricks on how to look amazing no matter the circumstances. No wonder an entire generation—and generations after—are obsessed with them.

Claudia Schiffer, one of the original Supers, recently developed her own makeup line, aptly called Claudia Schiffer Makeup. Like many of her contemporaries, the willowy blonde with the Jessica Rabbit figure has maintained her glamorous persona and looks from her heyday as a catwalk vixen, and she’s looking to share some of her secrets.  With Claudia Schiffer Makeup, she’s assembled 30 years’ worth of makeup knowhow and given out the essentials designed to make everyone look and feel like a 90s glamazon. From the prettiest peaches-and-cream eye shadow palettes (as well as a bold denim-hued one), to rosy blushes, inky liquid liner and high-octane mascara, this supermodel makeup line is a guaranteed showstopper. Exclusively distributed in the Philippines by Stores Specialists Inc., and available at Beauty Bar stores, this release isn’t just for those who are nostalgic for the House of Style era, but for makeup lovers of any age.

MEGA’s Picks: 

Contouring Powder (P1650). Carve out those cheekbones and accentuate that nose line.

Quad Eye Shadow (P1650). Neutral palettes like Pretzel Shades and Beachy are oh-so-pretty, but nothing says glamorous—and brave—like the blue eye shadows in the Denim quad.

Super Long Lash Mascara (P995) in Spider. As a leggy 17-year-old, Schiffer resembled a 1960s screen siren Brigitte Bardot. She continues to channel this mod appeal with loads of spidery mascara and lashings of…

Liquid Eye Liner (P995) in Black Cab. Those Guess ads that Schiffer was known for? The trussed up denim and barely-restrained bust drew us in, but it was the heavily-lined come-hither eyes that ensnared us.

Lip Gloss (P995) in Kiss Me and Lollipop. Because what is the 90s without a dollop of lip gloss?

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