Matte Makeup is Popular Again, and Here’s Why

Matte Makeup is Popular Again, and Here’s Why


The age of the mattes has finally arrived—again. But don’t fret because its new iteration is better than ever and can convince anyone to convert into a fan

Beauty history has its funny way of repeating itself. In fact, many fans have witnessed the return of 90s makeup trends over the last few years, just like the supermodel lip. Influential personalities like Kim Kardashian, Megan Thee Stallion, and Shay Mitchell showcased an updated iteration of the look. However, it’s not the only decade-defining entry that is anticipated to make a strong comeback. Case in point? The reinvented matte makeup. 

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The return of matte makeup was felt in full force in Fall/Winter 2023. Soft matte skin took over Christian Siriano, Givenchy, and Louis Vuitton’s runways, while velvety lips dominated L’Agence, Mark Fast, and Rodarte’s showcases. Its prevalence in the mainstream scene signaled what fans have known for a while: the beauty sphere has welcomed the age of the mattes once again. 

Defining the new matte 

Matte makeup has officially re-entered the mainstream beauty chat, but it’s not as overwhelming as its past renditions. Think more of a matte revolution. The popular beauty format has adapted to the current times with a version that renders a subtle and refined look. It’s matte but illuminated. It’s opaque but sheer. And if that is not enough to convince you, most matte products now come with a non-drying and lightweight formula.

Matte Makeup
Photo: JELLY EUGENIO (via Instagram)

The case of cloud skin  

The burgeoning cloud skin movement proved that matte skin is back. In beautytok, content creators like Gisele Ayora showcased easy steps on how to achieve a smooth, cloud-like base makeup. In her video, which has 1.8 million views, Ayora started by spot concealing her trouble areas with her trusted formula. Once set, she proceeded with applying a cream blush on her cheeks and bronzing her key points. The content creator then reached for a matte powder. Her secret to achieving a natural looking base? Apply the product with a damp beauty blender. Lastly, she completed the look with a swish of a luminous powder bronzer and a blush. 

Matte Makeup
Photo: KYLIE VERZOSA (via Instagram)

The allure of matte lips 

It appears that matte lipsticks also made its much anticipated comeback. A twist to the classic, the look is now focused on creating a highly pigmented, shine-free, and high-impact finish without the worries of chapped lips. It’s quite sultry and luxurious compared to other variations, making it the perfect product to complete a subtle glam or casual look. It also has the ability to instantly define the lips. Looking for a way to make a statement? Reach for a matte red lipstick. 

Matte Makeup
Photo: ROBBIE PIÑERA (via Instagram)

Featured Image: MICKEY SEE (via Instagram)

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