Revive The 90s Streetwear With This Collection

Revive The 90s Streetwear With This Collection


Levi’s SilverTab’s latest offering should be your go-to for anything 90s streetwear. 

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It was the style that greatly defined the 90s. They were seen across the movies we have grown to love and videos we look back on— though it was more than style for the people who embraced it. Embracing the hip-hop and skateboard culture in the 90s, Levi’s released SilverTabTM ten years ago and for their newest launch, they brought back the iconic collection. 

Levi’s SilverTab, the official uniform in the 90s, reinterpreted with a fresh modern look for their new Fall 2022 collection. 

With an attitude reminiscent of the 90s and its street culture, their current offering has a range of pieces that is heavily inspired by that defining decade. From oversized jeans, truckers, and shorts for your go-to bottoms and oversized graphic tees and tops to complete the look. 

The loose style was interpreted with a simplistic touch that you can use for your daily ensembles. Whether you like it baggy, cinched and low, or washed and faded— it’s the perfect time to bring back the popular trend that was uniquely 90s. 

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