Rhett Eala Puts A Modern Spin on The Fringe

Rhett Eala Puts A Modern Spin on The Fringe


Rhett Eala creates a dream land for the woman who is not afraid to stand out

It was the highly anticipated 65th Miss Universe pageant last year and all eyes were fixated on the massive stage inside the Mall of Asia Arena. Cheers from different corners shook the stadium as the universe’s most beautiful gilded on stage wearing the most glamorous of evening gowns. From fully embellished silvers to long flowing silky fabrics, the contestants looked every inch of regal royalty on the runway. But when Miss Philippines came out, the whole arena’s euphoria rose to decibel-shattering heights. The spotlight soon illuminated Maxine Medina in a fully embellished bustier gown with a cascading fine fringe in a rich color of emerald that danced as she commanded the stage. If cheers were to act upon, it was no doubt that Miss Philippines won the long gown competition. Constructed with such finesse, it appeared almost like second skin for Maxine Medina, making the Rhett Eala creation one of the most iconic gowns of the whole competition.


“Maxine wanted to show off her figure so I created something that flattered her. Something sexy and elegant,” Rhett said in an interview with GMA News Online. This was an aesthetic that Rhett holds dear since he started twenty years ago. His memories spanned almost his whole childhood and it seems like, from the very beginning, destiny pointed to fashion as one of his greatest loves. “I remember I would go to my neighbours place when I was a kid and read back issues of Vogue,” he says. At the very young age of 9, Rhett already knew that he would become a fashion designer, even creating his sister’s Valentino-inspired prom dress. “To me, what matters most is always being able to learn and showing people a new way to look at design,” he shares.


“My clients who are now my friends will always be a source of inspiration and will always be one of my muses,” he shares. From a city, a mood or even just a color, Rhett Eala creates pieces that are not only well-designed but fully captures every curve of a woman, accentuating her natural beauty. It is an ideal he upholds in every piece that he does but is is very much evident in his most recent collection. A combination of delicately structured gowns with soft and airy silhouettes in striking details such as signature fringe and embellishment, the “Queen” collection is definitely fit for royalty. In striking shades of magenta, citrus orange and scarlet, Rhett was able to balance it with malevolent blacks and immaculate white. His expertise spoke in the small details such as fit, form and again, those beautiful fringes.

Collections, Rhett Eala admits, is one of his lifelines as a creative. “I love showing new collections because it’s like speaking to my audience without words,” he relates. With a couple of shows lined up, he is also set to create a new men’s collection as well. All of these come from a special place in his heart, pieces that show his vision of what the 21st woman should be-strong, independent and dauntless.

Photography by Advan Ramirez
Art Direction by Jann Pascua
Styling by Aldrin Ramos
Makeup by Jorence Delimos for MAC Cosmetics
Hair by Mong Amado
Modeled by Chloe (Women’s Folio)
Nail care by Luz Fortun of Triple Luck Brow & Nail Salon

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