Ricardo Preto On Self-Possession As Seen Through His Designs

Ricardo Preto On Self-Possession As Seen Through His Designs


Ricardo Preto has his ways of capturing contemporary women in wearable and comfortable fashion without sacrificing elegance.

Ricardo Preto knows exactly how to add flow to any woman’s style. With loose structures, each piece from his collections is light and comfortable to wear. All these are, of course, achieved without sacrificing style. Since his advancement to the Asian market through Rustan’s, the Portuguese designer only has one muse in mind. As if a give-and-take relationship, Preto aims to add flair to every woman as she lends her light to each of his pieces.

We have seen this through his FW ’17/’18 collection exclusive for Rustan’s. The soft structure of each design shapes the style of a modern-day woman. Not only are we getting a rich selection of colors but also intricate lace embroidery that embraces femininity. It has got to be the touch Preto leaves in all of his designs. And as the holidays come close, Preto is yet to reveal another collection that conforms to all women.

Rich colors such blue and red will dominate the runway, all in classical silhouettes and shapes reinvented. This new collection from the designer is sure to provide anyone an effortlessly stylish look. Ricardo Preto’s holiday collection will be seen first at the MEGA Fashion Week runway on October 1, 2018 at 8PM.

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