Richard And Lucy Gomez Spill Their Secrets To A Lasting Relationship

Richard And Lucy Gomez Spill Their Secrets To A Lasting Relationship


What is it that makes a relationship last? In addition to commitment and keeping the love alive, Richard and Lucy Gomez reveal another secret: being their best selves for each other. Of course, this would have to include looking their best for one other.

It is this very reason that makes the two the perfect ambassadors for Ultherapy’s new campaign, #UltherapyForTwo. According to a recent study by Merz Aesthetics, more and more men are being open to trying out the procedure. The simple reason behind it? Because of the mere encouragement of their wives. Richard and Lucy are no different. “When you see something that works so well for you, you want the same for your loved ones,” shares the everblooming Lucy.

Baby steps

It didn’t take much for Lucy to convince her husband Richard to try ultherapy. As someone who enthusiastically describes himself as a sports and health buff, he easily understood that there were other aspects of self-care as well. “What sold it to me was really the time of the procedure. It’s so fast! There’s not downtime and no cutting,” he shares, adding, “Tayong mga lalaki, we have to be more open to being a better, more confident person of yourself.”

As many of us might have already heard, Ultherapy is a non-invasive procedure that uses micro-focused ultrasound. This helps lift and tighten the skin on the brow, under the chin, neck and chest for a naturally youthful and contoured appearance. In addition to this, the procedure takes around 60- 90 minutes, with no downtime afterwards. Results gradually appear over 2 to 3 months, as new collagen builds to lift and tighten the skin.

The importance of self-care

Lucy adds that the procedure was a nice way she treated herself without sacrificing too much time on family or work: “No matter how busy I am because of work and being a mom and wife, I make sure there’s room to slip in some me-time. Self-care is very important; when you don’t look good, you don’t feel like your best. And to give to others, you have to be your best.”

“In show business, your investment is your face. In politics, people look up to you and see you all the time. How confident you are affects the people around you,” adds Richard.

The power couple shows us that even after 21 years of marriage, it is important to grow, both individually and as a team. When asked about they had learned throughout their Ultherapy journey that they want to share with their daughter, Lucy is quick to give an answer. “I always say that what Juliana sees in our home–how we are to each other, for example, are the things she will bring into her own home and marriage. I always tell her to be the best version of herself regardless of your age. Age shouldn’t be something that your fear. It’s a gift that you’ve reached this far. Having a healthy life and indulging in some self-care is important,” she shares.

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