Ride in Style: Yamaha PH Takes Mio Fazzio Riders On A Fashion Adventure

Ride in Style: Yamaha PH Takes Mio Fazzio Riders On A Fashion Adventure


In an exclusive event in Davao City, Yamaha Mio Fazzio riders and fashionistas alike got to experience a weekend of celebrating style and uniqueness

Fashion is much more than just cut, material, and clothing necessities. It’s an extension of who you are—an unspoken introduction of your identity—because how you dress goes beyond just surface value. 

This is what Yamaha Motor Philippines wanted to highlight during their launch of the Mio Fazzio “Start YOUniqueness” campaign in Davao City. With elaborate and adventure-filled activities, it was a true showcase of excitement and how Yamaha stays true to their desire in delivering an outstanding machine that elevates your style. 

Yamaha Mio Fazzio

Next stop: the runway

It’s important to note how fluid and innovative fashion can be, able to mold into everyone’s unique styles. Yamaha’s latest campaign strived to emphasize just that. In an exclusive contest, Mio Fazzio owners were challenged to step up their fashion game, which came with the opportunity to strut their unique style on the runway by the end of the contest.

After all of the excitement in Davao, qualified contestants were able to enjoy the weekend at Privato Hotel in the heart of Quezon City. The first day of the contest commenced with a fashion class with style masters Bon Hansen Reyes and Kristine Ordinario from the Fashion Institute of the Philippines. Both instructors shared valuable insights regarding the latest trends in fashion and how to curate looks that complement their personal styles. This was crucial in the competition since the contestants were not only working with their own wardrobe, but they also had to visit Yamaha’s partner brands as part of the challenge.  

Their journey to the partner brands was a series of stops where they selected pieces of clothing to add to their look. The first stop was the pop-up store of Nobody Clothing inside the hotel. Next, their ride took them to the flagship stores of DBTK and then Coziest Company. 

Day two was when their styling abilities were put to the test at Balara Content Studios where the main event took place. The Mio Fazzio riders had their official photoshoot and were judged based on the wardrobe they curated over the course of the contest. This was then followed by the much-awaited runway show. 

Of course, every competition comes with winners, and the lucky contestants got to win a shopping spree worth PHP 30,000  for multiple brands, including Yamaha’s partners like DBTK, Nobody Clothing, and Coziest Company.

The weekend wasn’t just about competition and awards. Every participant got to experience what Yamaha Motor Philippines and the Mio Fazzio was all about, a cultivation of style and celebration of their unique identities, amplified by a vehicle that boasts individuality and wonder.

Live the Mio Fazzio experience with Yamaha. For more information, visit their website, Facebook, YouTube channel, Instagram, TikTok, and X.

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