Roll the Clip: Salvatore Ferragamo Presents Their Holiday 2021 Collection With a Celebrity-Filled Short Film

Roll the Clip: Salvatore Ferragamo Presents Their Holiday 2021 Collection With a Celebrity-Filled Short Film


It’s Movie O’Clock! perfectly captures the joy of spending a night filled with good food, art, and even accessories

From sleepovers to virtual catch-up sessions, a movie night has been a staple activity with our favorite people. Whether we’re watching the latest standalone film or a marathon of a classic franchise, we can never go wrong with a movie night with friends to cap off the year. Through the help of a virtual art form, we get to immerse ourselves and simply focus on the fact that we’re spending a heck of a fun time with the people we love, which is what Salvatore Ferragamo aims to portray in It’s Movie O’Clock!, a short film that coincides with their Holiday 2021 campaign.

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Here for a good time

Described as a portfolio of photos and videos dedicated to the period of sharing, It’s Movie O’Clock! features known Italian personalities such as Pilar Fogliati, Tezeta Abraham, Hildegard De Stefano, Guglielmo Poggi, Jozef Gjura, and Carlo Palmeri. This short film begins with the talents receiving an invite for a special evening to, as the invitation goes, “Celebrate the holidays together tonight,” which they most certainly did.

Seated around a table that’s practically overflowing with the most delicious meals, it can be seen that the personalities, each one clad in their most special Ferragamo pieces, are having a splendid time catching up with one another. As the clock strikes 12 o’clock midnight, the short film ends with everyone sitting and lying down comfortably as they begin their own movie night with the two-hour 2020 documentary Salvatore: Shoemaker of Dreams by Luca Guadagnino. It’s Movie O’Clock! aims to give a glimpse of the beauty and warmth of a shared moment between the greatest of friends, which Director Barbara Anastacio was able to capture.

Eye-catching details

Salvatore Ferragamo’s Holiday 2021 collection doesn’t just invite us to pause and notice the details, but also to realize the little anecdotes form the whole picture of every moment. These details that come in the form of the Holiday 2021 collection featuring a variety of the latest bags, jewelry, and footwear for women, as well as wallets and footwear for men are seamlessly presented in the minute-long short film. These clips that highlight the brand’s stunning pieces of the season also contribute to the beautiful work of art that is It’s Movie O’Clock!

To catch the other episodes of the short film series, visit Salvatore Ferragamo’s official website. Join in on the fun by visiting their stores at Greenbelt 4, Rustan’s Shangri-La, and Rustan’s Makati, or and For more information, visit SSI Life’s website and Instagram.

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