Rolling Into the MEGA Ball in Style with Subaru

Rolling Into the MEGA Ball in Style with Subaru


Pumpkin carriages are so out of season. This year, guests and VIPs experienced a new level of performance as they arrived at the MEGA Ball in a Subaru Outback XT.

This year’s MEGA Ball was truly an exclusive and spectacular experience, serving us an exquisite blend of luxury and performance. One of the things people look forward to in such events is the first sighting of their favorite guests. As such, it is only right to make a MEGA-worthy entrance in a bespoke ride.

With this, Subaru takes us on a trip to the worlds of food and fashion. As Metrobank’s official car partner for the ball, the brand offered comfort and sophistication like no other for the attending VIPs, who were chauffeured into the event.

Kirk Bondad and Brandon Espiritu arrives at the MEGA Ball, chauffeured into the event.

Effortless Luxury

Subaru prides the Outback XT’s distinctly stylish design, which features a sleek XT badging and six-bulb LED fog lamps. If you’re seeking to make a grand entrance to any event, look no further. Coming in a variety of colors, the Outback XT is a guaranteed head-turner.

Billboard Philippines Editor-in-Chief Bret Jackson, Margarita Subido, Kirk Bondad, and Brandon Espiritu were chauffeured into the event with this ride. With the Outback XT’s sleek design, these guests and VIPs made their entrances much more memorable.

Billboard Philippines Editor-in-Chief Bret Jackson looks effortlessly stylish at the MEGA Ball.

Emphasis on Comfort

Arriving in style does not mean compromising your comfort. No matter where you’re headed, Subaru ensures you’re in for a pleasant ride with its luxurious cabin and innovative amenities. With seats draped in an exquisite Nappa Leather, Metrobank VIPs got to relax as they made their way to the MEGA Ball.

Adding enjoyment into their journeys, the Outback XT features an 11.6-inch Centre Display with Apple Carplay and Android Autoplay functionality. It further heightens audio listening experiences with a premium Harman Kardon sound system. Guests got to jam along to hits made by this year’s MEGA Ball performers. There was never a dull moment on their journeys, as the Outback XT’s features offer superior entertainment on the go.

Metrobank VIP Margarita Subido arrives at the MEGA Ball in a Subaru Outback XT.

Unparalleled Reliability 

Subaru’s core technologies ensure peace of mind for drivers and passengers. The Outback XT proves to be reliable, ensuring Metrobank VIPs arrived safely at the ball.

With a 2.4L turbo-charged boxer engine, allows you to accelerate from speeds of 0-100km in 7.5 seconds. On top of this, it gives you better control of the vehicle, offering stability with minimal vibrations. The Outback XT can lull you to sleep with such functions. Lastly, it boasts a Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, ensuring superior grip and control of the vehicle on any terrain. May it be the MEGA Ball or a quiet road trip, driving off to your next adventure is now much safer.

The Subaru Outback XT

With this, Subaru proves to be more than an eye-catching ride, enabling Metrobank VIPs to make a MEGA Ball-worthy entrance. A blend of luxury and performance, it can take you into exclusive journeys with its bespoke features.

Learn more about the Subaru Outback XT here.

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