Roronoa Zoro is the Ultimate Halloween Look For Men This 2023

Roronoa Zoro is the Ultimate Halloween Look For Men This 2023


At the GMA Sparkle Spell event, men like Jak Roberto and David Licauco made it clear: this One Piece character is the go-to choice for this year’s Halloween

With Halloween right around the corner, the pursuit of the perfect costume is in full swing, and one character is setting the scene ablaze: Roronoa Zoro. Worn by quite a few gentlemen at the GMA Sparkle Spell, the swordsman from the One Piece universe has swiftly claimed the top spot on the Halloween costume wish list of men.

From the massive success of its live adaptation to Mackenyu’s seamless portrayal, it’s really no surprise why guys are drawn to this character. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to embody a man with impressive fighting skills without the hassle of an elaborate costume? Grab your swords and green hair, and you’re good to go. With that said, here’s a glimpse of the male celebrities who owned the GMA Halloween Party, proving that Zoro is the undisputed choice for guys this season.

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Anthony Rosaldo 

Anthony Rosaldo at the GMA Sparkle Spell

Embracing a whole new dimension, Anthony Rosaldo of Ang Huling El Bimbo made a fearless crossover into the anime universe. Cloaked in Zoro’s signature attire, he took to the streets of Manila, leaving no doubt about his dedication to this year’s event.

Sandro Muhlach

Sandro Muhlach at the GMA Sparkle Spell

Sandro Muhlach continued his green-haired streak, leaving his unforgettable Joker act from the previous year in the dust. This time, he surprised fans with his own version of the iconic series character. Muhlach clearly personified the pirate’s core, executing the three-sword style with precision.

Jak Roberto 

Jak Roberto, Roronoa Zoro costume at the GMA Sparkle Spell

Following the epic Wolverine act he pulled off last year, Jak Roberto boldly embraced Roronoa Zoro’s look for this year’s gathering. The Kapuso actor brought the character to life by rocking the green hair, wielding three swords, and channeling the strong spirit of the anime persona, setting himself apart in a sea of similar costumes. 

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David Licauco 

David Licauco, Roronoa Zoro costume at the GMA Sparkle Spell

And in a fitting conclusion, David Licauco left a lasting impression this year by becoming the legendary main combatant of the Straw Hat Pirates. Designed by Chynna Mamawal and styled by David Milan, the Maging Sino Ka Man actor unarguably aced every nuance of the anime character’s appearance.

Featured Image: DAVID LICAUCO (via Instagram)
Photography RYAN PANCHA

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