Rosanna Ocampo Celebrates 15 Years of Endless Passion

Rosanna Ocampo Celebrates 15 Years of Endless Passion


In this MEGA exclusive, explore the evolution of Rosanna Ocampo’s design philosophy, the empowering roles that shape her vision, and the contemporary romance in her Holiday Collection

In an industry where trends flutter in and out, businesses face the ebb and flow, and technology continually reshapes creativity, sustaining a thriving venture is like catching lightning in a bottle. 15 years is no easy feat. Yet, against the odds, one designer has not only weathered the storms, but also emerged with a bouquet of accomplishments worthy of admiration. Rosanna Ocampo’s journey is a poetic exploration of the heart and soul behind each creation—a story that’s like the gentle prose of a cherished love letter, penned with unyielding passion.

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Rosanna Ocampo Reveals 15 Years of Endless Passion
This bronze crystalized mesh look features sheer and corset-like detailing

Shaping a colorful brand identity

“It has really changed,” the designer reflects, tracing the evolution from a time when priorities differed, and the absence of familial responsibilities allowed for a carefree immersion into the social scene upon her return. The impetus for her brand’s rise? The energy of those nights out, where party dresses adorned her, reflected the vivacity of her 27-year-old self.

The passage of time ushered in new chapters—marriage, motherhood, and a parallel evolution in both her personal life and the tastes of her clientele. No longer clubbing enthusiasts, they transitioned into lunches and a persistent inclination toward dressing up. Thus emerged a shift in strategy, a move into ready-to-wear tailored for the vibrant demographic of young mothers aged 30 and above. Bespoke, customized, and brightly-hued tops became the brand’s signature, marking a turning point.

Rosanna Ocampo Reveals 15 Years of Endless Passion
With brocade as one the main fabrics, the collection highlights the use of the fabric such as this blazer

Despite the evolution, certain elements stood the test of time. “I’ve always and only worked with color. That is a trademark of my brand. We are a ‘more is more’ brand,” she asserts, emphasizing the brand’s focus on sensuality and celebrating the curves of women.

Ocampo’s experiences, especially her six-year sojourn in Milan, played a pivotal role in shaping her approach to fashion. “Europe in general has a very big part in my continuous evolution,” she reveals. “The minute I was given the chance to study in Italy, I went to four schools. That totally shaped my aesthetic and [it] honed me,” she reflects. Travel, exposure to different cultures, and the dynamism of being a mother and wife further broadened her perspective. “It’s sort of like my mecca,” she says, highlighting the importance of stimulation from various sources.

Rosanna Ocampo Reveals 15 Years of Endless Passion
The look combines a large flower top with golden shimmering sheer over a black skirt

Empowering roles

Inspiration isn’t confined to a singular source—it’s lived experiences and roles that she walks into her path. “Anything can trigger a spark in my head,” she muses, underscoring the importance of perpetual motion in her creative realm. For her, inertia is the antithesis of innovation, and the act of constantly moving becomes a catalyst for ideas.

However, in the web of these experiences, motherhood and being a wife emerge as significant outcomes. “Definitely, definitely,” she acknowledges the power of these roles. The shift lies in the realization that these roles not only shape personal dynamics, but also open doors to a broader market. Understanding the demographic becomes an art, and catering to the needs of mothers, always on-the-go and active, becomes a strategic move.

Rosanna Ocampo Reveals 15 Years of Endless Passion
Gold is heavily featured in the collection, with this embellishment top and skirt

This insight gives birth to the concept of outerwear—a tangible representation of the quintessential “R.O. girl.” She’s not one to stay still; rather, she’s a seeker of adventure, perpetually plotting her next journey. With a multitude of responsibilities—motherhood, involvement in school activities, engagement in charity work—the modern woman in Ocampo’s vision is a force to be reckoned with. The brand, in essence, seeks to offer a clear portrayal of this dynamic modern woman—a woman of the world who embodies the essence of movement, versatility, and a zest for life.

Crafting a contemporary ode to romance

The collection’s foundation rests upon classic floral brocade, reminiscent that defined the romantic landscapes of old Italy. She explains, “I wanted to do basically a classic traditional Italian feel, which is definitely brocade. That’s the whole romance, the old Italy with the monochrome.” It’s the richness of traditional Italian artistry, with intricate patterns and lush textures that resonates with its romantic era.

Rosanna Ocampo Reveals 15 Years of Endless Passion
Brocade is elevated with modern velvet bows

To elevate the classic brocade, the designer introduces elements that redefine elegance. Velvet bows, with their luxurious texture and understated glamour, intertwine with the fabric, adding a touch of sophistication to each piece. “We integrated those modern velvet bows on new ones that have changed the look of the classic brocade,” she explains. Fringe falls from the edges of dresses, creating a dynamic rhythm that captures the spirit of celebration. “In the brocade mini short dress, also with the bows, we’ve added fringe to it. So that’s how I mix all the new,” she elaborates.

Rosanna Ocampo Reveals 15 Years of Endless Passion
Fringe is added to the collection

Adding a dash of boldness and character to the collection is the crystallized mesh. Inspired by the likes of Chiara Ferragni, Rosanna infuses the collection with a sense of global stardom. “Ferragni is the number one in the world, right? And she’s Italian, so that’s why it’s named after her,” she notes.

The crystallized mesh, sourced from Paris, becomes an ode to modernity. Its shimmering surface catches the light, creating an otherworldly glow that complements the richness of brocade and the softness of velvet. In the Ferragni dress, the mesh takes the focal point, symbolizing the intersection of old and new, tradition and trendsetting.

Rosanna Ocampo Reveals 15 Years of Endless Passion
The look is made of crystalized mesh sourced from Paris

Bolder dreams, bigger horizons

As the designer casts her gaze into the future, she envisions the grand unveiling of her flagship store in the heart of Rockwell—a beacon signaling the commencement of a long-term commitment, one that was originally just a pop-up all this time. While expansion plans quietly seep, the specifics remain shut, fostering intrigue for the next chapter for the brand.

With 15 years under her belt, Rosanna Ocampo remains a force as each look she creates is a stroke of inspiration that seeks to enthrall and allure. And it works; she’s still here, present as ever, and with bigger and bolder dreams. As she steers her way into the upcoming phase, the air buzzes with anticipation, promising innovation where aesthetics and aspirations intertwine in an unfolding, much like the pages of a love letter.

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