Rosbert Villar On How His Design Aesthetic Evolved From Creating Fine Art To Making Art That Is Wearable

Rosbert Villar On How His Design Aesthetic Evolved From Creating Fine Art To Making Art That Is Wearable


Rosbert Villar’s unique take on maximalism transforms into an aesthetic that exude modern luxury

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Glamour has always been a great foundation to many a designer. The timelessness of it’s silhouettes and the grandeur of its accoutrements have created a world in fashion that appeals to the fashionable classicists of our team. One of those designers is Rosbert Villar where his silhouettes fully embrace an aesthetic that is high brow yet exudes a certain kind of ease and effortlessness.

His expertise in the world of design started quite early in his journey as an artist. “I remember, instead of playing, I would spend a lot of my childhood days drawing, painting, making murals, and eventually making handicrafts as decors” he said. Being surrounded by clothes was another guiding light to his eventual path as a fashion designer. He shared how his Filipino-Chinese family integrated home and work life especially with their garment factory business. Mixing his interest in creating ornaments—all details done by hand—with his environment, it seemed it created a clear path for him to expand his creativity. But it was in his freshman year in college when he fully realized his calling to fashion design. “I was getting a lot of commissioned work with no formal learning yet. I was very eager to learn the process of dressmaking. it was very tiring doing all the work by myself but I didnt mind because of the passion and self-fulfillment I felt every time I finished a dress. The constant longing for exploring and learning something new made me realize that this is something I wouldnt mind doing until I get old” he shared.

As he explores his unique aesthetic, Villar saw it evolve with every piece he creates. His intricate details became opulent, strong became regal, elegance transformed into timelessness. This evolution became a pedestal to the women he dresses. Her muses, he describes, are women of both style and substance. “She appreciate the arts and has a personal connection to it. The Rosbert Villar woman finds beauty beyond the physical” he shared.

A challenge found its way in Villar’s atelier in the form of the pandemic. With opulent designs seeming like an insensitive aesthetic of our time, Villar had to recalibrate the facade of his brand while still holding true to the values of craftsmanship his brand known for. Through this introspection, Villar refocuses his efforts and put his passion into action through strengthening the quality over the quantity he is producing. To him, his designs serve a higher purpose: more than a just a fashion item, the pieces are now tools to inform and be informed and a representation of the currency of time.

This kind of awareness has been a catalyst for Villar as he continues to expand his offerings. For Villar, it has been quite the challenge to move around in our current state and frankly blurred his goals for his brand. But as he embraces the beauty of uncertainty, he continues to showcase well-crafted pieces that will transcend any kind of challenge.

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