Rosbert Villar’s New Collection is Inspired by Nostalgia and Purpose

Rosbert Villar’s New Collection is Inspired by Nostalgia and Purpose


Designed with heart and passion, Rosbert Villar’s new holiday collection is a presentation of his creative journey

Revisiting memories ignites certain emotions. There are times when we feel like we are taken back to a beautiful moment in the past, and other times where a wave of wistfulness takes over when a particular memory comes into our minds. Either way, it’s a feeling that we are all so familiar with and we are reminded of the significant events that helped us become who we are today. 

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These special memories then become the muses of creations that are being made in the present. It’s a beautiful cycle of art that is very much alive to this day, and this time around, we are taking a closer look at a collection that marries nostalgia with the contemporary as Filipino designer Rosbert Villar introduces his new holiday collection titled Wishful Thinking

Rosbert Villar 2023 Holiday collection

Fond memories 

Retracing our steps is a normal thing to do, especially when we try to recall when our passions started to grow. For the designer, his love for fashion started with simple scenes like his mother dressing up or staying by his sister’s side as he designed clothes for her dolls. Little moments like this seamlessly tied up his future as time went on. 

Filipino designer holiday collection

Timeless in contemporary 

Nostalgia plays a big role in Rosbert’s new collection as he taps into the early years of his career. He recalls his love for fashion that grew over time and the passion that continuously ignites him as the years go by. It’s why there is an underlying tone of youthfulness underneath the elegance of the collection. 

Rosbert Villar 2023 Holiday collection

Compared to his past works, there is a shift of artistry when we view it from a technical perspective. Classic and sleek silhouettes are very much incorporated into the designs, but Rosbert was able to elevate it through meticulous construction. A perfect example of this would be the Reina piece, a teal blue dress finished in a floral patterned material with cutouts cascading from the side down to the back. It’s a technique that would often look alluring, but the designer was able to execute it elegantly.  

Holiday collection Filipino designer

As mentioned, we get a sense of youthfulness from his collection, which is evident through the use of cropped hemlines and loose forms, just like the Magda top. This piece was designed to have two looks elevated even further with scalloped edges and pearls on the hem. Another piece worth mentioning is the Victoria with its open detailing at the side, balancing out the formality of the long-sleeves. 

Rosbert Villar 2023 Holiday collection
The Victoria top with an open side

A mission to create pieces for all women is what drives him to create designs that are inclusive and flattering, even if it calls for unconventional methods. We see this on designs like the Spencer dress and its straight form, or the Margerethe with its draped silhouette—all captivating because of the avant-garde construction. 

Elegant emerald green dress
White gingham dress

Certainty in wistfulness

There is no telling when a designer has reached their peak, but it is their purpose that continues to drive them towards a brighter career. And even if Rosbert marks this year as his eighth in the industry, he has established his place in the fashion scene with the unwavering vision he has for his brand. 

“Looking back at the reason behind your passion and goals are always vital to longevity.”

Rosbert Villar


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