Rosé, Lewis Hamilton, and Kylian Mbappé Join Forces For a Global Campaign

Rosé, Lewis Hamilton, and Kylian Mbappé Join Forces For a Global Campaign


RIMOWA presents a melodic journey with the BLACKPINK member, seven-time F1 World Drivers’ Champion, and France national football team captain

In premium luggage, RIMOWA stands as an enduring global leader. With a legacy dating back to 1898, this German-born brand has crafted iconic travel partners that are not just bags, but companions for life. Today, it takes its next stride in the world of travel with the unveiling of its latest brand campaign, Never Still 4.

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This year’s campaign represents a natural evolution in storytelling for the celebrated German brand. Travel, once seen merely as a means of personal advancement, has transformed into a catalyst for inner change. In Never Still 4, RIMOWA introduces us to a trio of remarkable individuals: Lewis Hamilton, the world-class athlete; Rosé, the global superstar; and Kylian Mbappé, the football prodigy. These icons, though distinct in their fields, share a common mindset—they view travel as a purposeful journey that extends beyond physical borders.

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Setting the stage for this narrative is none other than renowned composer Hans Zimmer. This marks Zimmer’s second collaboration with RIMOWA this year, and he infuses the campaign with his unique version of German excellence and artistry. His bespoke compositions provide the soundtrack for the four films that constitute the heart of Never Still 4. These films include an anthemic brand film and a trio of shorter pieces that delve into the individual stories of these visionary travelers. Together, they create a dynamic blend of sound and vision, encouraging us all to explore the world and let it move us.

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In Never Still 4, RIMOWA invites us to embark on a dynamic journey with three exceptional individuals, each a testament to the power of purposeful exploration. As you watch, listen, and immerse yourself in this creative masterpiece, you’ll find that RIMOWA’s commitment to quality and innovation resonates not just in their luggage, but also in the stories they craft.

Photos: RIMOWA

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