Rosenthal Tee Shares Her Positive Outlook On The Filipino Fashion Industry

Rosenthal Tee Shares Her Positive Outlook On The Filipino Fashion Industry


Twice in the New York Fashion Week and once on the MEGA runway—it’s safe to say that Rosenthal Tee has reached far in the industry. With creations that perfectly embodies a modern woman, Rosenthal has been charming the world with her designs. Laid back as she is, Rosenthal shared she had a good feeling about her MEGA Fashion Week 2018 show.

Rosenthal has always had a thing for straight-forward shows. More than the spectacle, she wanted everyone to focus on the pieces from her new collection. “Basically what I want to impart from the New York fashion shows is it being very direct to the point. There’s no theatrics. It’s just these fantastic girls walking down the runway showing off all the looks that I hope people will enjoy,” she shares.

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Having experience overseas fashion shows, Rosenthal only has one vision for the Filipino fashion industry. “I want us all to be more competitive in terms of playing with fabrications and cuts but still maintaining their wearability,” Rosenthal tells us. According to her, the wearability and sustainability of the designs will help with the clothes’ sellability.

To Rosenthal Tee, her experience on overseas fashion show are eye-openers. It helped her realize how to improve the local industry starting from her own atelier. She discovered things we could enhance—from staffing to their skills.  “I think this is giving us a global understanding on what we’re producing.”


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