Rosenthal Tee Amplifies The Power Of Femininity In Fashion

Rosenthal Tee Amplifies The Power Of Femininity In Fashion


With designs dedicated for all women, Rosenthal Tee magnifies femininity through her luxurious creations.

It’s safe to say that each one of us is just like Rosenthal Tee. A part of us simply wants to have fun without, of course, restrictions and losing that ladylike touch. This is probably one of the many reasons why her designs aren’t so difficult to fall in love with. They are elegant, raw, and most of all, strikingly feminine.

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Rosenthal Tee New York Fashion Week Designer Profile MEGA

Women who want to feel beautiful is the motivation behind Rosenthal’s designs. The playful fringes and intricate beadwork make up the look that empowers her muses. With designs that fit comfortably with everyone, it’s easier for her muses to own any event with poise. Now, Rosenthal is bringing us a new collection at the MEGA Fashion Week runway on October 6, 2018.

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