Rule Of Thirds: The 3 Skin Products Millennials Can Use From Day To Night

Rule Of Thirds: The 3 Skin Products Millennials Can Use From Day To Night


For the go-getter generation of the millennium, beauty is paid no expense as they scour and scavenge for the best products that can keep up with the busiest youth group to date! Perfecting work-life-(and beauty) is a skill well-known by the 20-somethings that juggle a billion and one things.
Fancy knowing the beauty secrets of the young, wild, and free? It only takes 3 go-to products to keep these ladies going from day to night (and maybe an after party too!).

1. Natural Aloe Vera

Fight morning puffiness, midday ashen eyelids, and surprise zits with one wonder plant – Aloe Vera! The gel acts as a soothing agent for blotchy complexion and uneven skin, readying you for another day of work (with minimal sleep too!). Dab on a dollop under your eyes in the morning and before prepping your skin for a night out, you’ll thank you later!

2. All-around essential oil

What is the elixir of life? A specialist skincare oil that improves the appearance of scars (old and new), stretch marks, dry skin, aging marks, and evens out your skin too. We recommend Bio-Oil formulated, that addresses all marks and blemishes that surprise you at any second. For unpredictable Manila weather, invest in an essential oil that readies your skin for extreme changes in climate.

3. Water, water, and more water

The most effective skin product is actually right under our noses, as drinking plenty of water flushes our bacteria in our system before it breaks out in our skin. Download a water-intake counter on your phone so you can better track the glasses you need to consume in a day!
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