Runway Breakdown: A Collection Guide From the Second Day of BENCH Fashion Week

Runway Breakdown: A Collection Guide From the Second Day of BENCH Fashion Week


Day two of BENCH Fashion Week has passed, and here’s a rundown of the collections that made its way on the catwalk.

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Youthful energy, vivid hues, and femininity reigned at the second day of BENCH Fashion Week. A lineup that included Urban Revivo, Kashieca’s collaboration with Lucy Torres-Gomez, and esteemed fashion designer Martin Bautista, the collections presented were captivating interpretations of the classics, the past, and the beauty of femme. Day two was nothing short of riveting, and we’ll be breaking down the collections for you. 

Urban Revivo

With their recent arrival in the Philippines, Urban Revivo continues to showcase a diverse line of clothing with their youthful aesthetic. It’s their keen eye for anything on-trend, and giving it their own fresh rendition, that makes Urban Revivo a well-loved brand amongst the youth.  

A dynamic collection was revealed on the runway as colors popped in shades of neon and pastel, as well as their constant play with prints and textures. Alongside their vivid designers, this collection transports us to the ‘90s as Urban Revivo brings back cult classics such as denims and miniskirts, but with a modern twist. 

Kashieca and Lucy Torres Gomez

A comeback collaboration that elegantly merges contemporary with the classics. Lucy Torres-Gomez is no stranger to Kashieca as she once collaborated with them last 2019. 

With her signature taste towards anything elegant and chic, her new collection channels the power of a modern woman. In hues of earthy tones, classic silhouettes were decorated with floral patterns and subtle finishes for a unique touch. 

Martin Bautista

An exceptional collection that perfectly capped the night. Martin Bautista once again presented a revolutionary line as he embraced the energy of femininity. With his eye for detail and skill in construction, his collection featured various techniques that capture the fluidity of the textiles, as well as the artistry behind his color composition. 

A collection that showcases Martin Bautista’s versatility and expertise in construction, the line ranges from sultry tops and vivid bottoms, embellished coordinates, delicate dresses, all the way to pleated pieces made with remarkable textile. Captivating and unique—Martin Bautista is bringing the local fashion scene to new heights as he continues to introduce his innovative creations.

Runway Photography by EXCEL PANLAQUE of STUDIO 100

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