RUNWAY REPORT: Avel Bacudio x Matteo Guidicelli’s Holiday 2018 Collection

RUNWAY REPORT: Avel Bacudio x Matteo Guidicelli’s Holiday 2018 Collection


Avel Bacudio and Matteo Guidicelli capped-off the MEGA Fashion Week 2018 by transporting everyone to the late-night errands of New Yorkers. Cue the cold breeze and street-style aesthetic of the concrete jungle while listening to Alphaville’s “Forever Young,” they showed the true essence of living in the moment. Each of the models who strut, marvellously owned the runway and relished their last walk for the annual fashion week.

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However, more than exhibiting how to enjoy the now, Avel and Matteo showed us that they have a big heart. Their collection titled “20:20,” brought a deeper purpose for their designs. Matteo shared that they are “collaborating for a good cause. Avel chose an advocacy [close to his heart]… so when you get the jeans we’re supporting the [visually impaired] kids in Baguio.”

The limited edition collection consists of 20 denim designs each for men and women that has a serial number and are complemented by a white paint finish. To create a trademark for the AvelxMatteo denim line, Matteo shared that he added a single striped paint from the bottom of the jeans up to the middle part of the leg.

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Adding to the impeccable streetwear edge of the collection, Avel created jackets incorporating neoprene fabrics. Featuring boxy silhouettes and unhinged details, he was able to create versatile and functional pieces that are perfect for the holidays.

Finally seizing the night before it ends, Avel closed the show with Janine Gutierrez and Matteo. Janine looked sophisticatedly edgy in an oversized denim ensemble, while Matteo wore an athleisure-infused ensemble from their collection.

Scroll down below to see the full collection of Avel Bacudio and Matteo Guidicelli:


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