Runway Review: Chris Nick For MEGA Fashion Week Holiday 2019

Runway Review: Chris Nick For MEGA Fashion Week Holiday 2019


Giving us a taste of the veracious resplendence of what was a fashion evolution in the 1940s is Chris Nick at MEGA Fashion Week.

Historically, the 40s can actually be divided into two parts: the first phase as the unprecedented world war and the second, the return to normality. At the height of the war, abandonment of luxury was a must and practicality meant practicality, not just comfortable. So, as Chris Nick’s holiday 2019 collection was primarily inspired by it, we got a glimpse of the wonders of how fashion thrives in the most inconvenient economies.

Shorter hemlines were made due to garment rationing and need for greater mobility, separates were prevalent to make clothes more versatile, and finally, women donning more of men’s clothes such as suits in boxy and masculine shoulders that eventually characterized their daywear.

Chris shares to MEGA, “the collection focuses on the 40s, so it’s when women had roles in the society because men had to go to war. And since women needed to opt for tailored pieces to save more fabric, this is me trying to create an edgier, more powerful, more glamorous version of that.”

So, when his show started and upbeat jazz music took over, we can’t deny the fact that we were immediately transported to the 40s. Ever the sophisticated designer, it wouldn’t it be a Chris Nick show if there weren’t any beautiful posh ladies leading the way.

Opening his show was a friend and muse, Marie Lozano in a little black dress accentuated by a cowhide leather belt and complemented by a black sun hat. After she opened the show, beguiling tuxedo dresses, jumpsuits, and suits emerged on the runway.

As the show progressed, you’ll notice that full skirts, wasp waists, puffed shoulders suddenly took over the runway. At that moment, Chris Nick brought us to the second phase of the 40s.

The new look—which was when everything was going back to normal—was dominated by the perfect hourglass figure. Chris Nick’s re-interpretation of it was through his cowhide leather belts that were without a doubt his show’s pièce de résistance.

In fact, when more personalities like Janeena Chan and Miss Earth Philippines 2017 Karen Ibasco appeared on the runway wearing the corset belts, you’ll hear the audience talking about wearing it themselves and cinching their waists.

But of course, the 40s wasn’t just all about women’s fashion. Men’s style also evolved at that time. Military uniforms and kits were prevalent. Channeling the immaculately tailored uniforms of the war epoch, Chris Nick created stunning trench coats and suits punctuated by an oversized tie. And truth be told, when Pancho Magno and Enzo Pineda walked the runway, they both looked like dashing spies.

To brilliantly cap-off the show, Max Collins sashayed the catwalk in Chris Nick’s version of a bride. The star impeccably looked seductive wearing a tuxedo top paired with a vast skirt accented by an ultra-high slit in the middle. That, folks, is how you achieve an elegant show from beginning to end.

Scroll down below to see Chris Nick’s Holiday 2019 Collection.

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