Runway Review: Yves Camingue For MEGA Fashion Week Holiday 2019

Runway Review: Yves Camingue For MEGA Fashion Week Holiday 2019


Capturing the real glitz and glamour of the 80s, Yves Camingue takes us on a modern-day Dynasty fantasy with his Holiday 2019 collection for MEGA Fashion Week.

To say that the 80s was just about extravaganza is an understatement, because not only did we see the decade as opulent, seeing people wear their paychecks, but we also witnessed the increase of women employment, thus, breathing life to the real definition of power dressing.

Excess and luxury were the keys of 80s fashion. So, naturally, there was an excess of bright colors, sparkling numbers, and lavish accessories. But apart from that, it was also during this era when women were rising into higher positions in business and society. That’s why in pursuit of professional equality with men, power dressing became the unspoken dress code.

Backstage, just a few hours before the show starts, Yves shared to MEGA that he brought emphasis on tailored suit ensembles for his collection primarily because of his clientele’s demands. According to him, millennials are looking into investing more on power suits nowadays compared to street-ready ensembles like before.

With that in mind, the designer ingeniously combined polished tailored looks with his ever show-stopping kaleidoscopic aesthetic. This paved the way for him to impeccably channel the vivid allure of the 80s.

The moment five models emerged on the catwalk, we knew we were in for a treat. One by one each model sashayed to the beat of infectious dance-pop music. The runway was teemed with metallic jackets and skirts, as well as sparkling, flared jumpsuits, all juxtaposed by colored leather.

Keeping up with the true Yves Camingue fashion of vivid hues, the next set of five looks were dominated by a complementary pink and purple palette. At this point, there was an even more assertive reference to the 80s with his seductive power suits and exposed corsetry. He then continued to feature bold padded shoulders, colorful patent leathers, cropped jackets, and sheer dressing.

If those weren’t eye-catching enough, Yves undeniably took it up a notch. Following the hyped energy of the music, the designer painted the runway with bright neons. And of course, an Yves Camingue show wouldn’t be complete without seeing his menswear. Ranging from tailored pieces to athleisure-induced looks, he never failed to present an excellent work of designs that stylish gents would undoubtedly be captivated.

For his finale, he assembled a full set of tailored suits, the look that reigned as the key power piece in the man’s world, as if reiterating that women do reign supreme–in style, no less.

Scroll down to see Yves Camingue’s Holiday 2019 Collection.


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