Runway Review: Ebiro For MEGA Fashion Week Holiday 2019

Runway Review: Ebiro For MEGA Fashion Week Holiday 2019


Bringing us back to our cultural roots, Ebiro champions the true beauty of Philippine folklore at MEGA Fashion Week 2019.

While Ebiro has only been in the fashion industry for two years, we can’t deny the fact that Jeremiah Oribe and Francis Chee, the duo behind the brand, have already been making waves. And they only prove that it is better to have the power of two people’s minds to make wonders happen.

For their Holiday 2019 collection, its primary inspiration was the Bakunawa, the sea deity of Filipino folklore. Some say she was a naga so powerful that she devoured the moon because of its beauty. And the only way for the natives to resist was to raise a loud clamor of clanging and clashing metal to startle her into spitting the moon out.

The show commenced with a domination of hypnotic rhythmic beats. A set of five models emerged donning magnificent animal-printed and black leather ensembles—a clear reinterpretation of the beauty of the Bakunawa. One by one, each model strutted down the runway, where the last of that batch wore a snake-skinned leather number with the moon on one hand.

“With our collection, we wanted to maintain ‘yung pagiging mystical and strength ng Bakunawa. So, we used more on shimmery, glittery, high-shine, and jacquard fabrics,” Ebiro explained. “We want din each look to have their own personality.” Perhaps that’s why you’ll notice in every look, the duo’s keen attention to details is just astonishing—whether it’s the curled leathers, ruffled sleeves, or the seductively exposed corsetry.

As the show progressed, upbeat music eventually took over, mesmerizing everyone with the introduction of MEGA Man April 2019 cover star Raymond Bagatsing in a bronze jacquard sleeveless suit number. Keeping up with the momentum, two more beauties followed him namely, Alyssa Muhlach and Miss Supranational 2018 Jezha Huelar, both in form-fitting animal-printed leather numbers.

Finally, to majestically cap-off the show, the three stars sashayed the runway altogether creating what was definitely a strong ending. But more than that, one will realize the true brilliance tandem of Jeremiah and Francis who seem to constantly push the envelope and continue to disrupt the status quo—regardless if it’s a sculptural dress, tailored suits or ruffled looks. For this outing, Ebiro  impeccably displayed the whole range of their design aesthetic and prowess, all the while grounding their collection with a distinct Filipino flavor.

Scroll below to see Ebiro’s Holiday 2019 collection.

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