RUNWAY REVIEW: Francis Libiran 20th Anniversary Collection

RUNWAY REVIEW: Francis Libiran 20th Anniversary Collection


Marking his 20th anniversary in the world of fashion, Francis Libiran took us on a musical fantasy with his whimsical yet elegant collection.

We can all agree when one says that nature has its own beauty. In the process of mesmerizing at the wonders of it, you’ll easily get lost and forget all of life’s setbacks—be it in your career or relationships. So, perhaps it’s safe to say that the power of nature has this great ability to heal each person, rekindling the most precious memories that your subconscious wants to remind you deep within.

As Francis Libiran chose to shift his design aesthetic to the call of nature, we were all awed the moment we witnessed his pieces. Comparing to his previous collections, wherein he had always incorporated a linear architecture to his designs, this time, one will notice the presence of nature.

There were details spangled on the gowns such as waves of patterns, splashes of water, and even corals under the sea. We also saw structural and asymmetrical gowns that were indicative of the alluring wonder of the mountains, trees, and leaves. This suggests that the design direction of the collection was evidently driven by his desire to highlight design references that are rich in the Philippine archipelago—all whilst elevating it into modern and glamorous, as well as accompanied by a more extravagant perspective.

There was a bejeweled crystal gown reminding us of the brilliance of the mineral resources, a ruffled voluminous dress with heavy floral appliqués highlighting our ever diverse flora, and a golden dress that shone brightly as it refracted the lights evoking the rays of the sun.

The silhouette of most pieces exuded a touch of flamboyance and lavishness with its decadent layers and exaggerated volumes. The creations had impeccable embroidery detailing and beadwork techniques that successfully added more depth and character to the Francis Libiran 2020 collection.

So, as we were all treated by an assemblage of dresses and suits with an exceptional combination of colors, tones, and textures, we realized how nature will always find its way to talk to us, reminding us that it still exists beyond the concrete jungle we live in today. But only this time, it’s through the talent and masterful craftsmanship of Francis Libiran.

Now, as he magnificently showcased the grandeur of nature, the show itself won’t be complete without music to our ears. Thus, it was only fitting for him to complete the experience by also getting in touch with our auditory sense with a live performance from some of our country’s top singers: KZ Tandingan, Erik Santos, Iñigo Pascual, and Rachelle Ann Go.

The moment each of these artists emerged on the stage to sing their hearts out, one was easily captivated. In this emotional journey, we were entrapped in a dream we didn’t want to wake up from. Song after song, nobody didn’t want to blink an eye due to fear of missing out even the most trivial thing.

“My love for fashion and the performing arts mixed together gave me the inspiration to come up with the concept of a fashion concert,” he shared. This was exactly why we all celebrated his two decades in the industry, together with four of the country’s leading music icons who, once like Francis, had dared to dream of reaching the success he has achieved. But more than that, this musical fashion gala reminded us that just like how Francis looked deep within the resplendence of the Philippines’ natural wonders, you just have to also look deep within yourself and find what ignites your creativity and passion. Once you find that, continue persevering until you’ve attained your goal. Echoing the words of Francis, “cast off [y]our own limitations, and with grit and hard work, begin dreaming of all the possible wonders that [you] can become, have, and do.”

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