Runway to Stage: 4 Fashion Models Who Joined Miss Universe Philippines 2024

Runway to Stage: 4 Fashion Models Who Joined Miss Universe Philippines 2024


Modeling is easy, but becoming a role model takes another universe. The Miss Universe Philippines 2024 competition features a lineup of models who are not only beautiful but also driven to make a positive impact

A pretty face is never enough in the world of pageantry. It’s about heart, ambition, and the committed desire to make a difference. This year’s Miss Universe Philippines 2024 competition is graced by several models who are not only stunning but also determined to use their platforms for good. Let’s take a closer look at these remarkable women who are chasing their dreams with optimism, hope, and a fearless approach to using beauty for the best.

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Christi McGarry, Taguig

The Models Who Joined Miss Universe Philippines 2024
Miss Universe Philippines Taguig 2024 walks for an Anthony Ramirez Fashion Show
Christi McGarry models for MEGA’s December 2024 editorial featuring global fashion designers

Christi McGarry, a television and DJ personality, is a testamnt to the saying, “Age is just a number.” Joining the competition at 34, following the lifting of age restrictions, McGarry’s magnetic presence is nothing short of unstoppable. She’s here to promote and protect the Philippines’ natural beauty and biodiversity. “Divine timing,” she calls it, and it certainly seems like the universe is on her side. McGarry’s journey reminds us that it’s never too late to chase your dreams, especially when it involves preserving the natural world.

Chelsea Manalo

The Models Who Joined Miss Universe Philippines 2024
Miss Universe Philippines Bulacan 2024 models for the MEGA December 2022 fashion editorial wearing Mark Bumgarner

Chelsea Manalo is a devotee of the Dumagat people of Norzaragay, Bulacan. With her striking and distinct features, Manalo has modeled for several brands and designers, including Bessie Besana. But it’s her heart that truly sets her apart. The advocacy for her indigenous community evokes a deep sense of pride and responsibility. Modeling has given her a platform, and she intends to use it to shine a light on the Dumagat people. This is one model who’s proving that beauty and brains go hand in hand.

Raven Doctor, Palawan

The Models Who Joined Miss Universe Philippines 2024
Miss Universe Philippines Palawan 2024 walks for Francis Libiran’s fashion show

At only 18, Raven Doctor is a force of imagination and vibrancy. This young model from Palawan is all set to rule the universe in her own unique way, inspiring other youths to follow their dreams. Doctor’s advocacy focuses on the children of Palawan, aiming to build them a platform for a better future. With her long and slender build, Doctor prescribes youth is powerful and she’s here to use it to be a beacon of hope for the next generation.

Kymberlee Street

Miss Universe Philippines Australia 2024

Kymberlee Street is no stranger to the spotlight, especially after having appeared in five Australian pageants before joining Miss Universe Philippines 2024. But it’s her work beyond the stage that truly sets her apart. With two thriving businesses including a skincare brand called Defence Skincare and a modeling coach venture named Model Street, she exemplifies leadership and entrepreneurship. With her ventures and a crown, using her platform to inspire success and confidence in others will be influential to positive streets, where anything is possible.

In the end, these models are showing us that a pretty face is just the beginning. Their stories are filled with hope, determination, and the drive to make a difference. Whether they’re advocating for indigenous communities, promoting biodiversity, empowering the youth, or leading by example in the business world, these women are chasing their dreams and inspiring others to do the same. The Miss Universe Philippines 2024 competition is more than a beauty pageant, after all; it’s a celebration of ambition, resilience, and the belief that with enough passion, anyone can reach for the stars.

Photos: MEGA ARCHIVES and KYMBERLEE STREET (via Instagram)
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