Sabrina Claudio Shares Her Intimate Love and Familiar Sounds

Sabrina Claudio Shares Her Intimate Love and Familiar Sounds


In an exclusive interview, Sabrina Claudio talked to MEGAStyle about personal love, signature sounds, and comfort in vulnerability, which is evident in her latest album, Archives & Lullabies

When love comes to mind, it often leaves us in a wandering state. For some, they are reminded of a person, while others relish the wave of emotions they are experiencing just by the thought of it. Either way, it can be interpreted in many different ways and we can be spectators of it or the very proof of its existence. It all depends if you want to participate in the game of love. 

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Sabrina Claudio for MEGAStyle

The very idea of it has become an inspiration to many artists, and there are those who are brave enough to let themselves be immersed in it and to be vulnerable to it. We hear the rawness from the lyrics down to the sound, yet the connection between the artist and its listeners never fails to falter. This time around, we get to tap into a musician’s mind as she shared to us the beauty in vulnerability when creating that opened her to exploring new sounds. 

Right after her soundcheck, American singer-songwriter Sabrina Claudio took the time to sit down with MEGAStyle for a quick interview amidst her busy schedule. The 27-year-old has undoubtedly established her fanbase in the Philippines back in 2017 when she released her album About Time, and her tracks such as “Unravel Me” and “Wanna Know” have become a favorite amongst her fans. And just this year, she released an album titled Archives & Lullabies, which pretty much captured the reality of today’s dating scene. 

Sabrina Claudio concert

Upon listening to the recent tracks, we noticed that there was more honesty compared to her previous albums. The singer shared that it was mainly her willingness to be in-tune with her emotions that made Archives & Lullabies more personal to the singer. 

“This was the first time I was willing to be more vulnerable. Prior to this album, I was hesitant to speak from personal experiences, but because I created this album right around the time of the pandemic, I only had concepts to write about from what I went through.”

At first, she candidly said that it was an unfamiliar process since she normally takes inspiration from conversations, movies, or stories, but this time, it was a previous relationship that became the basis of some of her tracks. Sabrina expressed, “It took me two years to prepare myself to get in the studio. Over the two years of not knowing, it was as if the desire to create again came out naturally. The desire to find that passion came back.”

Sabrina Claudio for MEGAStyle

As mentioned, the album embraced a more honest approach to dealing with love and relationships. The singer mentioned that some of the songs don’t sound deep because she was also experimenting with her sound, as well as concepts and ideas. In a sense, lyrics and music production combined mirrored the emotions Sabrina was going through at the time. 

“I try to make my songs open enough where people can listen to it and relate to it however they want to relate to it. I love it when it ends up working that way because the more specific you are, it closes off an audience to a certain extent.”

For Sabrina, the idea of love has become a familiar theme over the years, but it doesn’t exempt her from experiencing its turmoil. At this time of her life, she revealed that she is also struggling with love, but what keeps her afloat is self-love and the company of her support system. She shared, “I’m in that place in my life where I am not in love, and it does get lonely. But self-love and having people like your friends and family allows you to feel different types of love.” 

Sabrina Claudio for MEGAStyle

Seeing that it’s her first time in Manila, the singer expressed, “It feels very natural to be here, which is weird because it’s my first time. The preparation wasn’t super crazy because I just did a mini tour, so musically, we were prepared. I wanted the set to have as many songs as possible, but the set has songs from every album. The fact that people know who I am is kinda insane, but I’m excited to feel their energy later.” 

And without a doubt, the concert was nothing short of soulful as the singer filled the concert hall with her silky-smooth vocals. Sabrina Claudio stayed true to her sensual and layered techniques that we have grown to love from her albums.

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