Saddling Up: Explore the Cowboy Core Trend and Its Resonance in Filipino Fashion

Saddling Up: Explore the Cowboy Core Trend and Its Resonance in Filipino Fashion


Ride alongside us as we explore the possibilities of cowboycore’s influence on Filipino fashion, highlighted by the intersection of Beyoncé and Louis Vuitton

Did anybody say yeehaw? Cowboycore is a trend that celebrates elements of cowboy culture, combining Western aesthetics with contemporary fashion and lifestyle choices. From fringed jackets to denim-on-denim combos, cowboy boots to wide-brimmed hats, it’s all about channeling the rugged charm of the frontier with a fashion-forward twist. It’s like throwing a lasso around nostalgia for the Wild West and wrangling it into modern-day style, giving Americana a touch of globalization.

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Rodeo to the Streets

Calvin Klein 205W39NYC

While cowboycore aesthetics may appear novel, they’ve made periodic appearances in luxury fashion circles. During Raf Simon’s time as creative director for Calvin Klein through the brand’s already-closed luxury label, 205W39NYC, he adopted Western-style boots and shirts by street-style icons and influencers, giving them a colorful graphic take. Diesel’s Glenn Martin also featured elements of cowboy inspiration, evident in the popularity of Western-inspired boots like Diesel’s D-Western boots. 

Proud Cowboy

Levi’s Pride 2024

Additionally, Levi’s is commemorating queer joy with a Pride 2024 collection inspired by LGBTQIA+ rodeo culture from the ’70s to the present, paying homage to the queer “Rainbow Rodeos” that originated in Las Vegas, Nevada. This collection incorporates Western wear influences, graphics, and glitz, celebrating a rich history of diversity and resilience. 

Country It-Girl

Chris Nick for Bench Fashion Week Holiday 2023
Chris Nick for Bench Fashion Week Holiday 2023

In the lively rodeo of Filipino fashion, Chris Nick saddles up for the Bench Fashion Week Holiday 2023 show, wrangling denim into his design corral for the first time alongside ’70s cowboy influences—a rare breed in his typically glamorous repertoire, known for its after-hours allure. With cheeky slogan tanks branded with “I LOVE COWBOYS” and “I RIDE HORSES”, paired with sassy miniskirts, and trousers cinched low at the waist, his collection ropes in attention with a playful yet gutsy blend of Western charm and city slicker sass.

Today’s mainstream pop stars and actors have ignited a frenzy of interest in cowboy-style fashion, sparking a wildfire of searches across the internet.

Top Ranger

Louis Vuitton Men’s FW24
Louis Vuitton Men’s FW24

Pharrell Williams rebrands the Louis Vuitton Man with a modern-day cowboy persona for the FW24 show, infusing the collection with indigenous inspiration. He celebrates indigenous tribes by providing them a platform at the show and amplifies their artistic sensibilities throughout the collection, granting them long-awaited recognition.

Major Wrangler

Beyoncé for Renaissance: Act II

Beyoncé draws from country music for the second act of her planned trilogy in the Renaissance era, following her initial exploration of house music. To amplify this eclectic direction, she flaunts a dazzling disco ball cowboy hat for promotional material. With this fantasy and shimmer to the mix, Beyoncé proves that country music thrives and continues to inspire across diverse genres.

New Horizon

Why does cowboycore matter to us? The aesthetic resonates deeply with the nation’s history and culture. The Philippines shares a rich heritage of ranching and rural life, where the cowboy spirit embodies resilience and a connection to the land. By embracing cowboycore, Filipinos not only celebrate Western aesthetics, but also reclaim a part of their own identity as it merges with modern-day style. It’s a nod to the country’s diverse cultural landscape, where the rugged charm of cowboy culture finds a home amidst bustling cityscapes and tropical settings.

Chris Nick for Bench Fashion Week Holiday 2023

Think of it as a hoedown of old-school vibes with a splash of urban flair, where ranch meets runway in a dusty dance of style and authenticity. When wearing cowboy core in the Philippines, welcome the laid-back and effortless style of cowboy culture while infusing it with your own personal flair and cultural influences. 

As the cowboycore aesthetic finds its footing in Filipino fashion, it adds a unique twist to Filipino sensibilities. It’s a fusion of Americana and globalization, where elements of cowboy culture are integrated into contemporary style, reflecting the dynamic spirit of both cultures. From the bustling streets of Manila to the wide-open plains of Texas, cowboy core celebrates the universal appeal of rural culture. Did anybody say yeehaw? Indeed, we did. Cowboy core will continue to ride high, bringing together diverse influences and creating a style that’s as bold and adventurous as the cowboys themselves.

Photos: LEVI’S (via website), CALVIN KLEIN (via Facebook), BEYONCE and CHRIS NICK (via Instagram), and LOUIS VUITTON (via website)
Featured Image: CHRIS NICK (via Instagram)

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