This Salon Will Throw Away All Your Doubts About Eyelash Extensions

This Salon Will Throw Away All Your Doubts About Eyelash Extensions


Back in college, I thought it would be fun to get eyelash extensions. While I loved how my peepers looked immediately after the session, the days that followed were a struggle. There were times it seemed as if the extensions were blocking my view, and at one point, they were poking one of my eyes. I vowed never to undergo another session again. But as the years passed, I grew curious about them again, with more and more people I knew flaunting their featherlight lashes.

How on earth did they keep their lashes on for so long?

The answer? Salons such as NÉW Lounge. Describing themselves as an upscale nail, eyelash, and wellness lounge, their facility provides clients with natural-looking eyelash extensions and beautiful nails.

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On your first visit, NÉW Lounge’s lash specialists and nail artists will walk you through the evolution of beauty technology. Soon, all your doubts about false eyelashes will be thrown out the window as you learn all about a cleaner and safer alternative provided by the salon.

If you’re curious about them, here’s a little sneak peek:


Check out NÉW Lounge at their branches in Las Piñas, Alabang and Quezon City. For more information, follow them on Instagram (

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