Sam Milby’s Top 3 Recommended Treatments For Men

Sam Milby’s Top 3 Recommended Treatments For Men


Whether you’re finding ways to look younger or get fitter, Sam Milby knows the secret for the easiest way to reach your goals to a youthful-looking body.

We’ve all been stuck in the comforts of our own home for a year now. And during our quarantine sessions, we got to learn new skills and explore new crafts that helped us cope with the pandemic. However, as months passed by, the established new norm suddenly became routine—the cycle of sleep and work just goes on and on.

Our go-to leisure spots such as the spas and gyms were indefinitely closed. In fact, just recently, some local government units had to close it once again due to the surge of COVID-19 cases. So, we’re once more back to working out from home with our good ‘ol weights and dumbbells. And since there are no spas, we’ll have to do our “me time” with our trusty skincare products for now.

Although this may be, perhaps we can all agree that there will always be moments that we feel unmotivated to workout or even follow through with our skincare regimen. And even celebrities such as Sam Milby, who needs to religiously workout and take care of his skin, share the same struggle. “It’s so much harder to find that motivation as you get older,” he shares. “So, I think my main motivation is I don’t like the feeling of not feeling good about my body.”

While that sometimes works for him, he admits that there’s been a secret that he has been doing to help him maintain his younger-looking skin and toned abs. And as he finally debunked the stereotype that cosmetic dermatology is only for women, Sam Milby shares the key to effortlessly remove all those unwanted lines on your face and get that rock-hard ab you’ve been wanting without any downtime and seeing quick results.

Thermage FLX

“The one treatment that I do most of the time is Thermage FLX, because as you get older you get fine lines. It helps rejuvenate the collagen reproduction in your skin and tightens your skin, so it just makes you look younger,” Sam Milby explains. “I mean, when you pass the age of 30 and above, you’ll be like, Oh I wanna keep that youthful look.’ So, that’s the treatment that I like the most. It’s comfortable and the effects are long-term. Like you can even just get it once a year.”

Thermal FLX for Eyes

His second recommended treatment for men around his age is the Thermage FLX for the eyes. “I’m very conscious about [my skin]. Like, as I get older, I saw na hindi pantay ‘yung dalawang eyes ko,” the actor admits. “There are like two lines on one side and one on the other. So, the Thermage FLX for the eyes is actually one that I really like also because it helps even the fine lines even in my eyes, especially because your eye area is the most sensitive part so you can’t do the same harsh treatment from the rest of the face for your eyes.”


If you want quickly and effortlessly see your abs as if you’ve workout for like a week or two, Emsculpt will be your best pal. It will help tighten your muscles and keep your rock hard abs more evident than ever. “Nagulat nga ako when I tried it. It really worked and I was surprised with the instant results,” Sam Milby recalls. “It’s really something I would recommend to others. But fair warning, it’s not for the faint-hearted.”

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