Sam Verzosa’s Unstoppable Drive Makes a Difference

Sam Verzosa’s Unstoppable Drive Makes a Difference


After wrapping up the second season of Dear SV, one can’t help but ponder: What adventures lie ahead for Sam Verzosa?

“Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would finish running 42.195 kilometers.” These were the exact words Sam Verzosa uttered in a video he released to recall his experience at the London Marathon. Even though he was under the weather that day, he persevered and crossed the finish line with his head held high. Interestingly, the congressman’s life story can be compared to a tough race. His journey hasn’t also been smooth, but that hasn’t stopped or even slowed him down one bit.

Sam Verzosa
Photo: SAM VERZOSA (via Instagram)

The year 2023 is only a little more than halfway over, but it has been an incredibly eventful one for Sam thus far. After finishing up the second season of his own TV show, the businessman highlighted several exciting ventures he’s looking forward to taking on in order to expand his philanthropic reach. Sam recently had a Thanksgiving party in which he expressed his gratitude to the people who helped him get where he is today and spoke about the projects that he is planning to start to continue his lifelong commitment to helping and inspiring his fellow Filipinos.

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His show’s purpose

The second season of Dear SV, Sam’s program on CNN Philippines, premiered in February of this year. The show presented the experiences of Filipinos who, despite all their hardships, kept their faith and persevered. SV has harnessed the power of this platform to extend his reach far and wide, and bring hope and joy to countless individuals and communities across the nation. Through his tireless efforts, Sam has not only provided a means for a sustainable livelihood, but has also bestowed educational scholarships, offered employment opportunities, and extended vital financial assistance to a lot of Filipino families.

The stories of a loving father teaching his children beneath a lamp post, a 12-year-old set of twins selling lumpia in jeepneys, an 86-year-old lola pedicab driver, and a biker with clubfoot are just some of the most memorable stories he has highlighted on Dear SV. In a moment reminiscent of the thrill he experienced during his race in London, Sam describes and reflects on the conclusion of his show with an overwhelming sense of gratitude.

An ode to his father

In a heartfelt conversation, the renowned entrepreneur opened up about the deeply personal topic of the passing of his beloved father, Sam Verzosa Sr., earlier this year. With full admiration, he expressed that his father’s wisdom and guidance will continue to shape his path as he forges ahead in his journey.

Dear SV served as my tribute to my father for raising me to where and what I am now.” 

Sam Verzosa
Photo: SAM VERZOSA (via Instagram)

He reminisced that his father’s reaction upon hearing the news of the show was one of pure joy, but added that he and his siblings were continuously challenged by their dad. “Ay mahina! ‘Yan lagi sinasabi ng Papa ko sakin pag china-challenge niya kaming magkakapatid to achieve our goals. Ito ang nagpapaalala sa’kin na lalo pang galingan at kunin mga goals ko kasi baka sabihin ng Papa ko mahina ako.” Sam said that when he was in the London Marathon, these were the words that kept playing in his head until he crossed the finish line, and that he continues to live by these words today.

Chasing the thrills of tomorrow

On August 18, he hosted a Thanksgiving celebration where he shared with the media the lessons he gained from the program and also his ongoing legislative work on issues such as poverty alleviation, health care, and education. According to Sam, these are the things that he is tirelessly dedicating himself to, even though the show has already ended.

Sam Verzosa
Photo: SAM VERZOSA (via Instagram)

Among the many projects he aims to initiate for the remainder of 2023 is the Dear SV Run, a fun run event that he plans to kick off at the end of November. There would be race packs for 3, 5, and 10-kilometer distances, with a goal of 5,000 participants. Sam said that more registration information will be made public soon.

Prelude to a grand adventure

“Every day is a chance to make changes to create the life we want. Everything begins when you shift your mind to a new direction. Part of the reason why I ran the London Marathon was I wanted to inspire people that change is possible in every aspect of life. Now, there are more marathons and races to conquer.” 

Sam Verzosa

While many may already regard him as an accomplished individual, his dedication to supporting others knows no bounds. For SV, the pursuit of helping his community can be compared to a never-ending race that lacks a definitive finish line. He said that the conclusion of Dear SV was merely the beginning of an exciting new chapter. After all, he thrives on learning from his experiences and turning them into something exceptional.


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