Samsung’s New Flagship Phone Will Change the Way You Work

Samsung’s New Flagship Phone Will Change the Way You Work


The usual 9 to 5 grind is no longer existent in the lives of working Filipino millennials where their jobs and their personal lives blend seamlessly. They could be on the treadmill while catching up on emails, getting started on their next project while they’re stuck in traffic, or even checking up on work while they’re lounging on the beach during a vacation. It doesn’t matter where they are, as long as they could work properly. With the line separating business and leisure blurred into nonexistence, this is how the New Work Tribe goes about their daily lives, with their need for mobility becoming more austere. Samsung supports this active lifestyle with a new flagship phone that can keep up with the people’s restless lifestyles: the new Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Note10+.

Designed to be a mobile workspace and crafted with the latest technologies, the new Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ are equipped with productivity tools to help the working millennials achieve more on the go. From business software installed right out of the box to exclusive top-of-the-line features, the new flagship phone is powerful enough to do all your tasks. It’s like having a PC that can fit snugly in your pocket. Explore how this impressive gadget can change the way you work:

Take note-taking to the next level

Jot down notes on the Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ like you would with a pen and paper, and transform them digitally into PDFs and text files in a snap. The phone’s new Intuitive S Pen allows you to write comfortably on the screen. And with a simple tap, you can transform your penmanship to digital text. The powerful S Pen also acts as a remote control that can navigate presentations and even shift between applications through Air Actions. By detecting the direction and acceleration of the user’s movements, the S Pen lets them control their device and gives them an extended remote control experience with simple gestures. By detecting the direction and acceleration of the user’s movements, the S Pen lets them control their device with simple gestures.

Always on for the on-the-go lifestyle


When you’re zipping through meeting after meeting and working on multiple projects at the same time, you need a reliable gadget that can keep up with your hectic lifestyle. The Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ are equipped with powerful batteries that can last day to night. And with a Super Fast Charging feature, you can go from zero to a hundred in no time at all. Stream, game, download, and shift between apps at unbelievable speeds. The new flagship phones’ intelligent processors can handle any task you need to do smoothly so you can get more done.

Capture creative inspiration wherever

Get great photos every time and capture your inspiration with the Galaxy Note10’s triple camera system and Note10+’s quadruple camera system. Their lenses include a 16MP Ultra Wide camera, a 12MP Wide-Angle camera, and a 12MP Telephoto camera to help you take professional-looking shots. The Galaxy Note10+’s fourth camera brings your photos to life with the 3D Depth Camera. Both phones are equipped with a full professional studio that allows you to edit instantly. Enhance your footage with the Live Focus video for movie-like depth of field similar to bokeh, the Zoom-In Mic to control surrounding sounds, and the upgraded Super Steady feature to reduce shaky recordings. Record videos with outstanding quality with 4K UHD technology. You can also edit your media easily with the use of the S Pen.

Have a wieldy workflow

Achieve superior productivity thanks to Samsung and Microsoft’s partnership. The Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ are pre-installed with Microsoft Office, so you can craft documents, spreadsheets, and presentations wherever you are. You can also wirelessly connect your Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ to your Windows PC using your Microsoft account to transfer data easily. You can also have all the benefits of a laptop at the palm of your hand. Access the apps on your Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ on your PC or Mac with the Samsung DeX. Expand your mobile experience by plugging in your phone to your laptop. Perform presentations, bring out intricate details of an artwork, and even promote collaboration and mentorship among your colleagues on a bigger scale from your phone. You can also easily drag and drop files to and from your laptop and Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ in a second.

With work and personal life merging, the time and effort we dedicate to these are intertwined. Change the way you work and keep up with the pace of the modern work tribe. Blend business with leisure in the most seamless way possible with the next-level power of the Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Note10+.

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