Sandara Park Slayed in Style at Paris Fashion Week

Sandara Park Slayed in Style at Paris Fashion Week


The country’s very own “Krung-Krung” donned ensembles that showcased the fresh, trademark style she has been known for.

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What sets the K-Pop industry apart from the rest is its ability to elevate performances like no other. We’re not just talking about the power vocals, the detailed choreography, or even the outstanding production sets. It’s also their sartorial choices that make them all the more powerful. 

Being in the industry for almost two decades now, Sandara Park or Dara is no stranger to stepping up when it comes to fashion. From eccentric hairstyles to her eclectic styling, Sandara always offers something that keeps us on our toes because she loves experimentation and adventure. 

In this year’s Paris Fashion Week, the idol rocked more than 10 looks that prove that she can truly fit any ‘fit! With that said, here are 13 of her stylish looks from PFW: 


Airport photos are a big deal for K-Pop fans, and it has become an unofficial runway for idols to wear the brands they endorse and show off their individual approaches to fashion. 

For her outfit en route to Paris, she donned a loose sweater and a long, pleated skirt that gave off a cozy vibe. The Vivienne Westwood choker and Christian Louboutin Carasky bag in mini added a little glam on the side for a touch of chic to the chill. 



The fluidity of time was Artistic Director Nicolas di Felice’s theme for their Spring 2023 Ready-to-Wear collection, and Dara surely did her assignment on the house’s history. Andres Courrèges had a knack for all things space; and with di Felice’s fresh take on post-party looks, Dara was able to marry the past and future of the brand. Case in point, the bumblebee-inspired sunglasses and the hanging jacket situation for her all-black ensemble.

(Photo Credit: @jaylim1 on Instagram)


Inspired by a tokamak, the pieces of this collection had a soft structure that achieved the balance of perpetually giving off energy, but not in sharp cuts. In similar fashion to this, Sandara layered her whole outfit with a soft-broaded long coat that draped effortlessly, achieving a look that was energizing yet clean and sophisticated.

(Photo Credit: @jaylim1 on Instagram)


Glam-grunge street style is what Rick Owens does best, and for his Spring 2023 collection, he didn’t fall short of that. It’s not Rick Owens if there’s no volume. Hence, the production of protruding oddities found in layers, sleeves, and drapes. The cape-coat situation the K-Pop idol rocked with her attendance was truly an on-brand form of oddness, not just from the designer, but the idol as well. 

(Photo Credit: @jaylim1 on Instagram)


Kenzo went for the academia approach with their Fall-Winter 2022 collection of articles fitting the stereotypes in a school or university. With a mix of retro feel to it, the pieces could actually bring a certain youthness to your next ensemble. Always looking ever-young, Dara donned a too-cool-for-school outfit with her Poppy vest and Pop Bouquet bag.


Giambattista Valli’s Spring 2023 collection is what our spring dreams are made of. Delicate yet daring, this collection exuded a certain understanding of femininity—women are bright and strong. Sandara channeled this duality with the pale pink dress, which is a silhouette the brand has been known for. 

(Photo Credit: @jaylim1 on Instagram)


Always taking maximalism to another level, the Spring 2023 Ready-to-Wear pieces exhibited the different sartorial personas that Creative Director Andreas Kronthaler forwarded. As someone who understands the language of maximalism, the 2NE1 member offered a full-on Westwood-esque ensemble from the Fall-Winter 2022 RTW Collection, but with a twist of her own mane mohawk. 

(Photo Credit: @jaylim1 on Instagram)


Yamamoto’s Spring 2023 Ready-to-Wear felt like an iteration of repair and its rhythm, with the Kintsugi concept, as well as the vestigial ruffles and patches playing their parts to unite pieces that form structured standouts. Dara opted for an oversized number that carried Yamamoto’s quiet and steady flare. 


The new collection from the brand featured cinches that fall with ease with their signature free-flowing ribbons present in most looks. Sandara went on with a leather-on-leather moment with her dress and tailored coat from the brand, with the ribbons quietly making their appearance from time to time. 


The Loubi Show II was like a night out of sorts with the flashing lights and the runway performances, as if the Spring-Summer 2023 collection is giving you the message to conquer the world in lipstick heels and red, patented soles. The Star Circle Quest alum met the creative genius himself, of course in her Yazefir strap Louboutins that matched her red velvet clutch. She even had her fangirl moment when she got her very own signed Louboutins from Christian!


A year after founder Virgil Abloh’s demise, the house now opened its doors to hope for the brand’s evolution and exploration. Featuring pieces that were conceptualized by the late Designer-cum-Artistic-Director, the collection was a product of the history and the future of Off-White, a “work in progress” code consistent with the brand. The fashion-forward star donned the oversized Gabardine Cargo Field Jacket with red biker shorts and sneakers—an ensemble well-integrated in the style of working millennials. 

(Photo Credit: @off____white on Instagram)


Taking inspiration from nature’s beauty and the Renaissance flair while incorporating some cuts and colors that look like extended bodies, Balmain’s collection is as diverse and as wide as its Army. While the Spring-Summer 2023 collection was Olivier Rousteing’s way of honoring his African and European heritage, Dara’s get-up was more futuristic with a black armor-esque dress over a draped and ruffled garb that made her look like she was ready for action. 

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