WATCH: Sarah Geronimo Teases Us With A BTS Video On Upcoming Project

WATCH: Sarah Geronimo Teases Us With A BTS Video On Upcoming Project


The queen of pop is already at the top, but that doesn’t mean she’s done. With her huge upcoming project, she’ll definitely stay at the top.

Proving that Filipino artists are more than just beauty and entertainment, Sarah Geronimo might just be the celebrity who’ll top the list of our multi-hyphenate celebrities du jour.

As she recently teased us with her upcoming project called, “POP STUDIO,” we are treated with an electrifying video from her photoshoot. In the caption, she asked, “Ready to see my latest POP album of the year?” And our answer is without a doubt, yes!

However, as we head on to Pop Studio’s Instagram account, we noticed something excitingly peculiar from their first post. The caption read, “Listen up! Become the pop star you always dreamed of here at POP Studio. Stay tuned.” With this in mind, does this mean that she’s also starting a beauty line to make us feel like a pop star just like her?

Well, we may not know the right answers for now. Is it going to be a concert, an album, or a beauty brand? But one thing is for sure, as she is the queen of pop who had numerous records, commercials, box-office movies, and sold-out concerts, Sarah Geronimo’s Pop Studio will undeniably be a hit.

For now, we just have to wait and head on over to the New Frontier Theater on May 31, 2019 to know her big reveal.

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