Sarah Geronimo is Back and The Popstar is as Stellar as Ever

Sarah Geronimo is Back and The Popstar is as Stellar as Ever


Heads up—the Popstar’s comeback is real, and the genesis is an eight-minute performance of her single “Duyan”.

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By now, Filipinos have proven their talent in different fields. But if there’s one thing that always comes up when people are talking about Filipino talent, it’s definitely singing. To level things up, Filipinos are particularly skilled in belting high notes.

Some say it’s a saturated field, so others alter the trajectory of their careers—venture into acting, add dancing to the performance equation, or use their skills to judge those who want to enter the biz.

Ever think of someone who has done it all? It’s Sarah—then, Geronimo, and now Geronimo-Guidicelli.

After a two-year hiatus from holding the microphone and conquering the stage, she comes back fiercer and more dedicated as ever to make the Popsters’ wait all worth it.

Last Sunday, she finally made her comeback as the Popstar Princess with her updated rendition of “Duyan“. Her special prerecorded performance was played in ASAP with a message from Sarah herself!

The Popstar Princess channeled a Michael Jacksonesque get-up for her first look—a flowy, all white crystal-striped ensemble that balanced the sharp dance moves.

Styling team Qurator Studio and makeup artist Gela Laurel shared a more detailed look of the second outfit on Instagram.

This time, the Popstar Princess wore a mesh number with a sequined corset. The top extends as a mini dress with the fringes. The flapper girl-ish outfit was in contrast to the first, all-white outfit.

For her makeup, Sarah rocked a pink and purple smokey eye and a red lip.

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