Sarah Geronimo, SB19, and More Filipino Collab Releases You Need to Hear Right Now

Sarah Geronimo, SB19, and More Filipino Collab Releases You Need to Hear Right Now


From SB19 and Sarah Geronimo to Ez Mill and Eminem, here are the collab releases that we’re enjoying right now, and you should, too

Collaboration has a number of ways of manifesting itself in music. Emerging artists work together to grow and hone their craft. Meanwhile, an established performer could grab the opportunity to make music with someone new in the industry. There’s also that type of collab wherein two iconic artists can join forces to foster even greater influence within each other’s individual supporters. Case in point, Sarah Geronimo and SB19. 

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Today, Filipino artists are cementing their mark in the local and international scenes with their collaborations with fellow Filipinos and even international performers. Recently, our very own pool of talents hss proven that the concept of bayanihan also translates to their tracks. With that, MEGA Entertainment rounds up the newest collabs of our talented performers that you might have missed. 

Acing collaboration

Who would have thought that Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo and P-Pop Kings SB19 would finally join forces in one track? True to the quintet’s DNA, “Ace Your World” is a bilingual power anthem of rising through everything. The country’s pop icon matched the group’s trademark blend of belted notes and low register rap with her own rendition of vocal hits. 

The track is definitely what you need on a low day for some big motivation or a fuel to keep your energy flowing. 

Dreaming it true

After Filipino musician Ez Mil made the headlines for a triple record deal with Shady Records, Aftermath Entertainment, and Interscope Records, the rapper teased his fans on what else to expect with his new album, DU4LI7Y: REDUX, coming out this August 11 with “Realest.” 

The song features the tempo play of both rappers’ flow, a probable reason why Eminem found Ez Mil’s own style to be appealing for him. Tackling their respective positions in the industry, “Realest” was a collaboration between two artists with the same passion, but on different timelines in their career. 

Elevating Filipino sound

Paul Pablo is back again for another banger, and this time, he brought DJ Young with him! “Isulti Lang” is a full Bisaya song with house music beats perfect for a night out or an indoor party with your friends. 

With the richness of our culture, language as an evident case for it, we can only hope that more artists and songwriters will explore the verses of our over a hundred languages.

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