We Might Know What Sarah Geronimo Just Teased On Instagram

We Might Know What Sarah Geronimo Just Teased On Instagram


Everyone has questions but we might have answers for you.

Sarah Geronimo — popstar royalty, singer, performer, actress — just teased a new project on Instagram. In a world where everyone is awed by her stage presence, one does not simply ignore a post like this one.

The post features an image of her million-dollar smile with a pink-orange gradient overlay, and embedded with her signature and the words “POP STUDIO”. In the caption, the singer asks, “Are you ready for the newest POP album of the year?” and a call-to-action leading to an account called “POP Studio PH”. Lucky for you, we didn’t stop at hitting the follow button—we dived into its followings for some clues.

Picking out clues was like searching Where’s Waldo, but we rounded up a few possibilities:

Instagram Filters

Coming up with Instagram filters isn’t something new on the gram. In fact, this has been going on for years. The fact that a gradient overlays Sarah G’s photo in her post could mean that maybe—just maybe—it has something to do with filters. Not to mention, POP Studio PH is following accounts that share IG filter hacks!

Arts & Crafts

In its followings, we found a few DIY pages. Could this be her newest venture? Well, it can’t be too wild for her to try on arts and crafts. As a performer, Sarah too is an artist. It’s not very hard to see her trying her hand at crafts!

Beauty Products

We also noted a few beauty brands among POP Studio PH’s followed pages. Some are about self-care, skincare, and some makeup. Expanding her expertise to the beauty industry would be incredibly exciting!


Bedazzling the followings of the account, we saw a few that were shining and shimmering with jewelry and accessories. Come to think of it, arts & crafts fit hand in hand with this. Is Sarah G. starting her own line of handmade/DIY accessories?

Influencer Pool

If there’s one word to describe, Sarah, it’s “iconic”. With her commanding presence and confidence onstage, it’s not really hard to imagine her leading a pack of powerful women to take on the world.

Fashion Line

Sarah Geronimo’s stage costumes always leave us in awe. She knows how to style herself for any and every occasion. So a clothing line is definitely we’d love to get our hands on.

New Album

All these accounts have just one tag in common and that’s #POP. Before anything else, Sarah is an amazing singer. Could POP Studio be a new album or another project to add to her ever-growing discography? After all, she did mention that it’s going to be the “POP album of the year”.

Whether you want to investigate (like us) or not, there’s only one way to confirm the theories. Follow Sarah Geronimo and POP Studio PH on Instagram for the big popping reveal on May 31, 2019.

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