SB19’s Josh Cullen Reveals His Broken Heart in Latest Single ‘Sumaya’

SB19’s Josh Cullen Reveals His Broken Heart in Latest Single ‘Sumaya’


In SB19’s solo pursuits, there is brilliance, inventiveness, and passion. Josh Cullen proves so with his new release ‘Sumaya’

In the realm of P-Pop, SB19 has been consistently pushing the envelope. Ken, Justin, Josh, Pablo, and Stell continuously orchestrate new ways to deliver a new impression on the rising game of Original Pilipino Music, or OPM. With Filipino talent emerging on the global stage as the boys make history one after the other, they still find time to explore their personal sounds and stories. Off the heels of his collaboration project with Al James “Yoko Na”, lead rapper and lead dancer Josh Cullen’s pursuit of music continues with “Sumaya.”

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SB19 Pagtatag! Concert tour Josh Cullen Sumaya
SB19’s Josh Cullen is a musical force to be reckoned with in the P-Pop industry

Biting Into His Sound

Deftly repackaging pop, R&B, and bedroom hip-hop into a soulful record, Josh presents a melancholy perusal of heartbreak and acceptance. Imbuing his established musical prowess with his ever desire to explore other creative endeavors, the artist produces a sonically unique and lyrically powerful sound and visual sequence that captures the harsh realities of a genuine past love in all its rawness. In recognizing that it’s time to let go, how do you say goodbye? Josh navigates the answer through the track.

When an artist can infuse their own style and flavor into a song, it’s a testament to the great care he put into the storytelling, emotional depth, and bittersweet tugging of heartstrings. Josh is intentional, purposeful, and experiential in his approach of music. Stating the obvious, he looks after his craft well and it shows. 

Josh Cullen Sumaya
Josh shows heartbreak and emotion in his single Sumaya

Imparting His Creative Vision

Aside from producing the song, Josh’s directorial presence is front and center with the music video release once again. He plays the lead role, and in front of and behind the camera, delivers a harrowing display of the broken romance he sings. Fans of SB19, fondly called A’TIN, devoured the record in all of its glory and parsed all of Josh’s sorrowful and carefully chosen details. “Sumaya” definitely exposes an intense devotion to his artistic sensibilities and how he, together with his team, are able to achieve a sound that is both haunting and melancholic.

Within the P-Pop domain, Josh exercises his melodic gifts and new creative endeavors in a way that does not make him seem highbrow or alienate potential audience members. In fact, in proving that he has a terrific ear in terms of how words and stories fit together, he resonates with the listeners and produces a remarkable performance.

Photos and Featured Image: MEGA Archives, JOSH CULLEN (via Spotify)

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