SB19’s Josh Unleashes His Inner Vampire in This New Party Anthem

SB19’s Josh Unleashes His Inner Vampire in This New Party Anthem


Get ready to hit the dance floor because Josh is about to take you on a wild ride with his brand new track, “Wild Tonight”

Let’s just say he’s bringing the party with him! As one of the five members of the P-Pop group SB19, Josh has already proven his spot in the music scene through killer dance moves and impressive vocals. But with his latest release, the young artist proves to us even more that he’s a solo powerhouse in his own right. 

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Wild Tonight by SB19 Josh Cullen

The P-Pop singer’s latest release wasn’t only his debut as a soloist, but also the showcasing of his unique artistry. Josh unveiled an exclusive look at the song’s official music video and explained the inspiration behind the entire theme o at the launch party the day before its release. Drawing inspiration from his love for horror movies, particularly vampires, Josh has blended these classic themes with modern twists. He added a personal touch to create an electrifying party anthem that can send shivers down your spine.

From Josh’s beastly ensembles in the music video to the artist’s out-of-this-world music video references, let us delve deep into what makes “Wild Tonight” a standout release.

Vampires and fashion collide

Team RainxEm, composed of head stylists Rain Dagala and Em Milan, has once again unleashed their twisted genius through one of the members of SB19. 

Clothes by Rain Dagala and Em Milan
Photo Credit: @rainierdagala (via Instagram)

Bringing to life the haunting theme of The Twilight Saga, the dynamic duo’s artistry can be seen in every aspect of the video. The stylist’s vampire-slayer approach to the singer’s wardrobe has transformed Josh into a captivating immortal that is seductive yet terrifying. With each outfit change, Josh’s transformation is eerie, mesmerizing, and creepy in every frame. This shows that Team RainxEm has perfectly executed its ability to transform even the most mundane ideas into something extraordinary. Fashion designer Neric Beltran created the stunning ensembles in the music video.

Wild Tonight by SB19 Josh Cullen
Photo Credit: @JoshCullenOfficial (via YouTube)

Josh has dressed assertively for his first appearance, embodying the terror of a bourgeois vampire character from cult classic movies. The velvet cape in a deep shade of red and the intricate elements of embroidery that adorned the garment added an extra layer of grandeur to the timeless style of the undead. With a commanding stare that could tremble one’s bones, Josh stands tall in this ensemble, evoking both fear and awe in equal measure. 

Wild Tonight by SB19 Josh Cullen
Photo Credit: @JoshCullenOfficial (via YouTube)

Josh’s second look in the video is another garb from the many impressive ensembles that Neric Beltran has created for this electrifying music video. The singer donned an edgier vibe made out of shiny nylon fabric. The ensemble featured complex cutouts that gave it a unique and futuristic feel. As Josh emerges from his coffin wearing this ensemble, viewers can’t help but feel goosebumps rising on their skin.

Wild Tonight by SB19 Josh Cullen
Photo Credit: @josh_cullen_s (via Instagram)

The music video gets more interesting with each frame, drawing viewers deeper into Josh’s mesmerizing world of vampires and fantasy. In one scene, Josh appears as a regal vampire king, wearing a faux fur coat in mixed shades of brown and black. The skin is layered over a Neric Beltran jacket with intricate embroidered details that added a touch of luxury to the ensemble. As Josh moves through the video, his commanding presence and effortless style keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Wild Tonight by SB19 Josh Cullen

Undoubtedly, the most iconic look of Josh from SB19 in the “Wild Tonight” music video is the vibrant red suit he wears towards the climax of the video. This suit is not just a piece of clothing, but also an integral element that gives definitive personality to Josh’s character in the music video and beyond. The suit is a striking shade of red, accentuating Josh’s commanding presence and fierce energy. It’s tailored to perfection, hugging his body in all the right places and showcasing his impeccable style. This ensemble is so memorable that Josh even wore it to the song’s launch after-party, cementing it as a defining piece of his overall aesthetic. 

Taking control

The artist being a gamer at heart, it’s no surprise that he has injected a gaming feel into the video. The song was even more hyped as Josh mentioned his favorite video games, Devil May Cry and Bloodhunt, as his particular inspo. True enough, the end result is an immersive experience that transports viewers into the virtual gaming world. As the third member of SB19 to release a solo track, the song clearly demonstrates Josh’s confidence in his music. He is unafraid to take risks and explore new territories, leaving us eager to see what’s in store for this rising star.

Photography MINA AGLIPAY

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