Seas the Day: Inspire, Celebrate, and Protect The Ocean With La Mer

Seas the Day: Inspire, Celebrate, and Protect The Ocean With La Mer


Dip your toes into a movement that gives it up for the great, big, blue. In a blink of an eye beaches have disappeared, marine wildlife has been reduced by half, and vital ecosystems have washed away. The deep blue has always been there for us to relieve us of our worries and now the ocean is calling us to do the same.
We follow suit to global prestige skincare giant La Mer as they pledge to protect their very muse, through widespread ocean conservation. Tied with Project 0, La Mer introduces the La Mer Blue Heart Fund as it aims to inspire, celebrate, and protect the marina through a blue heart ripple effect.

Inspire Change

Look to La Mer’s legendary Crème de la Mer as it commemorates its cult-favorite product towards the beauty of the open sea. Making waves soon is its limited edition jar designed with watercolored waves, sure to make any crème collector’s skincare haul. Did we mention it’s super IG-worthy too?

Celebrate The Sea

All waterbenders, beach bums, and ocean lovers alike, the big blue needs you! Do your part on June 8 for World Oceans Day and make your next beach trip one for Mother Nature. Spend an afternoon at a beach cleanup event and don’t forget to stock up on sunscreen too!

Pledge To Protect

For the girls with an itch for travel, do your part in keeping beaches clean and trash out of the ocean. The water has always been kind, now it’s out turn.
Be water my friend.

Get your hands on the limited edition Blue Heart Crème de la Mer which will exclusively be available at Rustan’s Makati, Shangri-la, Alabang and Cebu starting this June 2017.

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