Secret Unveiled: Here are the real inspirations for MayMay Entrata’s glorious gowns

Secret Unveiled: Here are the real inspirations for MayMay Entrata’s glorious gowns


At some point in every girl’s life, becoming a Disney Princess has been a dream. With MayMay Entrata, it felt like there was no other direction to go but transform her to the Disney princess of her dreams. With that statuesque body, natural beauty and playful personality, we knew that she can easily personify these Disney princesses. Check out who the Disney princesses are and see if your guesses are correct (we even got snippets from some of the designers who created each look!).


Secret, May May Entrata, Gowns, Disney Princess, Tiana

Pistachio asymmetrical gown by ROSENTHAL TEE

Maymay as Tiana of The Princess and The Frog

Having the same tenacity to achieve her dreams, Tiana was a perfect princess for MayMay to embody. Tiana’s gown was all about the petal like details and the Pistachio shade of her gown. For this look, Rosenthal Tee reinvents the details with sinuous draping almost looking like a sculpted art piece balanced out with bright embellishment and the softness of tulle for the bottom. “Fulfilling a fantasy is always engaging for me as a designer and to do that to a young actress—it gives a sense of excitement because Maymay is just so full of joy it jumps off the page so well.” Rosenthal shared.


Secret, May May Entrata, Gowns, Disney Princess, Mulan

Red ruffled tailored jumpsuit by MARK BUMGARNER

Maymay as Mulan

Mulan is known for her strength and proving that women are just as strong as men. MayMay embodies her with a red jumpsuit by Mark Bumgarner. The perfect tailoring paired up with feminine ruffles on the bodice brings the character of Mulan to the 21st century.


Secret, MayMay Entrata, gown, disney princess, tinkerbell

Periwinkle flounce cocktail dress by JAZEL SY

Maymay as Tinkerbell

Originally a Disney Princess before 2005, Tinkerbell got her own Disney Fairies franchise as the lead star. Her fun and light disposition is perfect for the playful personality of MayMay. Plus of course having Edward as Peter Pan, makes it all a bit more magical. This cocktail dress by Jazel Sy veered away from the green dress of Tinkerbell and opted for the soft shade of Periwinkle and added layers on the back to resemble fairie wings.


Secret, MayMay Entrata, Gown, Disney Princess, Aurora

Misty rose flounce serpentins gown by MAK TUMANG and jewel encrusted earcuffs by SEPA ACCESSORIES

Maymay as Aurora of Sleeping Beauty

I mean just look at MayMay, still looking gorgeous when sleeping. Personifying Aurora is no easy feat especially for the gown that she would be wearing but for Mak Tumang it was an exciting challenge. “At first I didn’t know that I will be dressing MayMay for the magazine! But being known to create beautiful princess-like gowns, Rain said that I would be perfect for the theme. I just wanted the piece to be dreamy and feminine. So we executed it in pink ruffles, waves and feathers to create softness and lightness”


Secret, MayMay Entrata, Gown, Disney Princess, Pocahontas

Tan crepe tube dress by PATTY ANG and nude tulle ball skirt by LIZA PADILLA and multi-colored necklace (used as headpiece) by SEPA ACCESSORIES

Maymay as Pocahontas

Courage and love is the essence of Pocahontas. And we all know who is in MayMay’s heart, don’t we? For this look Patty Ang made sure to keep things simple and stick to the shade Pocahontas is known for. Incorporating Liza Padilla’s nude tulle skirt made the look extra magical.


Secrets, MayMay Entrata, Gown, Disney Princess, Ariel

Mint serpentina gown by LIGHT SHINE WHITE and fringe chainlink earrings and jewel encrusted headpiece both by SEPA ACCESSORIES

Maymay Entrata as Ariel of The Little Mermaid

The free-spirited Ariel perfectly describes MayMay. This mint gown takes the mermaid to land with a serpentina cut and the intricate ruching represent the scales and fins of Ariel. Doesn’t MayMay look so modelesque in this shot?


Secret, MayMay Entrata, Gown, Disney Princess, Snow White

Ivory off-shoulder ball gown by JAZEL SY and jewel encrusted headpiece by BROADWAY GEMS

Maymay as Snow White

Personifying innocence and lightness, MayMay embodies Snow White in this creation by Jazel Sy. The intricate detailing at the top is balanced out with the softness of the layering at the bottom of the dress. Ivory details were especially places to represent the name Snow White.


Secret, MayMay Entrata, Gown, Disney Princess, Belle

Ombre tulle off-shoulder gown by PATRICIA SANTOS and pearl statement earrings by SEPA ACCESSORIES

Maymay as Belle of The Beauty and The Beast

Imagine “Tale as Old as Time” playing in the background. MayMay and Edward dancing the traditional Minuet dance for royalty. How romantic right? It means that the movement of the gown is very important for this look magical. What Patricia Santos created is a massive ball gown but is light enough to sway gracefully. The embroidery and feathers added a much needed update to the gown of Belle.


Secret, MayMay Entrata, Gown, Disney Princess, Cinderella

Aquamarine tulle ball gown and powder blue gazar headpiece both by NERIC BELTRAN

Maymay Entrata as Cinderella

Yes, this is the cover dress. Neric Beltran has created a ball gown that is wilder than our dreams and personifies the beauty and vigor of Cinderella. “I got so nervous and excited at the same time in creating this piece. I just wanted to make a dress that you can imagine in your dreams and give justice to the fantasy. It has to be what a girl would always dream of” shared Neric in creating this look. Currently, Neric is finding a way to make the dress lighter so every girl can live the dream.


Photography by Mark Nicdao
Fashion Direction and Styling by Rain P. Dagala
Creative Direction by Suki Salvador
Art Direction by Jann Pascua
Makeup by Owen Sarmiento
Hair by John Valle
Shot on Location at Heidelberg and Black Forest
Special Thanks to Star Magic, Captain Luz Bagalasca and Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Barber


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