See How You Can Save The Oceans With This Sunnies Studios Collab

See How You Can Save The Oceans With This Sunnies Studios Collab


As a celebration of World Oceans Day, as well as an effort to preserve the bodies of water that surround our beautiful archipelago, Sunnies Studios partners with Reef Check Philippines to #ReserveOurReefs with the release of its limited edition hardcase.

From the surface level, all things look well and good. Glassy ripples of deep obsidian and glistening torrents of turquoise lines that surround the rich landmass that is our country is pristine (poetic even) from an onlookers point-of-view. However, it is a different story once things are seen from beneath the ocean.

A vital lifeline that keeps the underwater ecosystems of the oceans intact come in the form of diverse coral reefs that serve as colonies where marine life survive on. Referred to in our biology textbooks as the rainforest of the sea, the reefs hold so much importance to its structure. However, despite it being of that nature, it has been subject to both natural and human degradation of the last few years. So much so that studies reveal that 80% of our coral reefs could be gone in 30 years. Think that it doesn’t involve you? Wrong. This defacing of the coral reefs mean that the ocean’s ecosystem will be destroyed, thousand of marine life losing the place they call home, which in turn will put food supply and related jobs at risk.

Recognizing this worldwide environmental issue that affects us all, Sunnies Studios has enacted an effort that marries the lifestyle and product that they are known for with an advocacy that everyone needs to be a part of. On World Oceans Day, the brand partnered with Reef Check Philippines with the release of its limited-edition hardcase that is set to protect both your of-the-moment Sunnies Studios shades and the oceans as well.

The quirky-printed hardcase is decorated with illustrated reefs that remind us of ways we can pay-it-forward and #ReserveOurReefs. And most importantly, 100% of the proceeds from the sales of the hardcase will go to Reef Check Philippines and its ocean conservation efforts.

So, what are you waiting for? Go get one yourself because  it isn’t just hardcase; It is your way to save the world.

Get your own limited-edition Sunnies Studios at select Sunnies Studios stores and online as well. 

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