How a Seemingly Simple Pair of Shades Skyrocketed to Success

How a Seemingly Simple Pair of Shades Skyrocketed to Success


The illustrious pairs of colorful lenses and frames supercharged with clean, retro visuals that embody the new breed of consumers are the brainchild of Martine Cajucom, Georgina Wilson, Bea Soriano-Dee and Eric Dee’s phenomenal success—Sunnies Studios— this year’s New PH Awardee for Business.

Sunnies Studios is no longer just about the shades that they are wildly known for. Today, they are a complete lifestyle brand that branched out in different markets such as premium prescription eyewear (Sunnies Specs), food and beverage (Sunnies Café) and even children’s eyewear (Sunnies Specs Kids). With all these successful product extensions, the team is setting their sights on the next big thing for the brand, perhaps we may see a global expansion in the future. While bringing the brand into a international spotlight could be in their pipeline, they still attend into the seemingly small details that go with their daily operations. In fact, it is in these pockets of in-between that they strengthen the core of their brand, by communicating with the most important investor of their brand—you.

San Miguel Pale Pilsen salutes you.

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