Selena Gomez Shot Her New Video On The New iPhone 11 Pro—And Now We Really Want It

Selena Gomez Shot Her New Video On The New iPhone 11 Pro—And Now We Really Want It


When Apple dropped specifications on the new iPhone 11 Pro, what struck everyone’s attention is its triple camera system—and Selena Gomez quickly got into the program.

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It looks like they’ve done it again. Apple goes beyond their usual camera upgrade and made the triple camera system simply breathtaking. Remember when its camera first went viral for having triggered trypophobia for some? Well, while that might be the case design-wise, the recent release of the iPhone 11 Pro has been making us feel like we need a new phone.

On Apple’s well-curated Instagram feed, they are constantly sharing raw photos taken from the new iPhone 11, which would make any image purist want to own the upgrade ASAP.From landscapes to wildlife, the #ShotoniPhone photos will make us question whether there’s still a need for a real camera.


Another was when a lot of people are posting photos on Twitter about iPhone 11’s night mode and ultra wide range feature. Comparing it with previously released iPhones and a DLSR, the iPhone 11 proves to capture under drastically lower light and 4x zooming range to give justice to what our eyes can see. After it went under a cinematic test, can iPhone 11 now level with a film-like experience?

It has withstand moving elements, as well. Unlike previous iPhones, its video stabilization has also upgraded. When a skateboarder tested the camera, it did not disappoint. “There was little to no rolling shutter or any sort of digital warping,” shares Nic Henry for Cnet. “But even walking down stairs, with my skateboard in one hand and phone in the other, the footage just floats.”

Well, those were photos, technically. Now, here’s the good, nay, great stuff.

Recently, after a one year hiatus, Selena Gomez is set to burn the music charts with new music, releasing two videos, Lose You To Love Me and Look At Her Now, which was entirely shot on an iPhone 11 Pro. With its ability to shoot 4k video, the black and white music video that has fewer angles looked extremely clear and defined. Also, the ploychromatic music video played well with iPhone’s zooming range, and it showed different angles of Selena dancing to her infectious song, proving that you too can shoot your own Selena-like video on your own.

Okay, so where do we line up to get our hands on the iPhone 11 Pro?

Watch Selena Gomez’ Look At Her Now music video here:

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