Série Nuit by Marc Rancy Is The Luxury Loungewear Of Our Dreams

Série Nuit by Marc Rancy Is The Luxury Loungewear Of Our Dreams


Longing for that restful sleep every night? Série Nuit by Marc Rancy shall help you reinvigorate your spirits by morning.

Nobody wants to wake up on the wrong side of the bed, right? We always want to start our day in a good mood, making us ready to face our hectic daily errands. However, achieving that peaceful slumber may be challenging if you don’t have the proper bed, pillows, and most especially, comfortable sleepwear.

Let’s all admit it, a lot of us never really prioritized investing in a nice set of pajamas, because not only are they pricey, but they can also be hard to care for—if they’re silk. So, it just seems impractical to buy such indulgent sleepwear. Although this may be the case, that was all before this pandemic made us reconsider our priorities, where we started putting self-care right on the top spot.

Given the current state of the world, where we’ll be spending majority—if not our entire—time within the four corners of our home, this is truly the perfect time to treat yourself to some luxurious loungewear. In fact, we’ve already seen the loungewear trend slowly and surely budding in our social media feeds. Celebrities are starting to post their chic #pambahay looks through mirror selfies, instigating an increase of consumers in the sleepwear market.

With all of these considered, Paris-trained Filipino couturier Marc Rancy thought of starting his own luxury loungewear label: Série Nuit. Conceived in the middle of the world’s most stringent lockdown, Série Nuit was borne out of a desire to create timeless, elegant, and luxurious sleepwear for those who seek excellence in comfort.

But apart from that, it was also the designer’s compassion for his own team to provide them a mode of income in these trying times. “I was at a total loss during the height of the total lockdown. With more cases every day, I was starting to believe the grim possibility that it would take a long time to get things back to normal,” he admits. “I was going over ideas on how to continue running my company, at the same time save the livelihood of my team who depend on me.”

As he turned to his own closet, he found a few pairs of pajamas, which inadvertently sparked his creative light bulb. “It made perfect sense since it’s still clothing. And after thinking about it, I realized there weren’t really a lot of options when it comes to designer sleepwear. So, I’ll try to fill that void.”

Sweet Dreams

Educated in Paris, it was imperative for Marc Rancy to start a new label that doesn’t just bear his name, but it must have its fair share of French sass. With this in mind, he employed the use of the French word nuit, which literally translates to evening, while série means a collection of something. “At the end of the day, the goal is to make Série Nuit as recognizable to be a sub-brand, sharing the same values and technical savoir-faire to what you would get from a Marc Rancy dress,” he explains.

So, what you’d expect in a Marc Rancy dress is only expected to be brought into Série Nuit’s lounge and sleepwear. The designer adds that his brand will always “strive to make every piece worthy of the investment, as with proper care, you get to wear our silks and organic linen for many years on.”

For customers looking for true luxury, Série Nuit is proud to introduce the world’s gold standard in silk— the Mulberry. “Our silks are not only smooth, but our mulberry and organic linen line have also been developed through production methods that are not only good for the environment but healthy for your skin,” he adds. “They’re hypoallergenic and free of toxins or chemicals. And since they’re pure silk, the natural fibers actually help your skin breathe better when you sleep.”

Not only that but these silk and organic linens are produced mindful of the environment. That’s because Sèrie Nuit only uses production methods and materials that are 100% traceable, and guaranteed to be fair and responsible at every stage of the process. So, it is truly in these technical details—from the quality fabrics, unique designs, and even the fabric fall—that meet the basic principles of a luxury item.


“When the lockdown started to take a toll on the economy affecting people’s livelihood, I knew I had to make Série Nuit’s first collection to be meaningful,” Marc Rancy shares. So, this led him to incorporate Filipino inspired prints as a way to remind everyone that we are all in this together.

Série Nuit Marc Rancy

I wanted Série Nuit to be known as distinctly Filipino in its aesthetic, but with a global reach. This is his way of paying homage to the iconic symbols that we take the most pride in. And as it is distinctly Filipino, he called the premiere collection of Série Nuit as Aruga, which means to look after.

According to Marc, “these prints are a reminder of the simple joys in life that make us Filipinos—it’s to care for one other and the prints speak of things we look after.” Hence, the entry-level that consists of high-quality polyblend silk pajamas and pure organic linen lounge sets have exclusive prints of the Jeepney, Carabao, Tarsier, Anahaw, and Gumamela.

Série nuit Marc Rancy

And as it is made with the sincerest gratitude from the remaining team of skilled artisans, Série Nuit hopes that a piece from our collection gives some comfort and happiness to every customer in this otherwise challenging time.

Get your much-deserved rest at night wearing the luxuriously beautiful loungewear of Marc Rancy at serienuit.com. Follow Série Nuit on Instagram @serienuit for more info and updates. 

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