Serpenti’s Calling: Explore The Uncharted Territory Of Luxury With Bulgari

Serpenti’s Calling: Explore The Uncharted Territory Of Luxury With Bulgari


Multifaceted, magnificent, and maximized—for its Fall/Winter 2020 collection, Bulgari elevates glamour to unexplored territories with its iconic serpent.

Genesis—the beginning of all things and the time when humans were still in the garden of Eden. Imagine being in a world of pure bliss and surrounded by all things luxurious defining the veracity of beauty. So, there’s really nothing else you could ask for when you’re in paradise. Now, as you probably already know how the story of the Fall of Man ends, there was only one creature that caught their attention amongst all the resplendent creations that God made: the serpent.

While we cannot accurately detail the image of the paradise’s serpent, perhaps we can safely assume that it surely had this irresistible allure of a diamond that no human can withstand. In fact, that’s why the snake motif has always held a constant presence in the history of jewelry design dating back to the ancient civilizations. And in the 1940s, the Italian heritage house of Bulgari successfully revived and cemented the serpent’s transcending grandeur in the world of fashion and jewelry—all thanks to its founder, Sotirio Bulgari, a man of Greek heritage who lived in Rome.

Bulgari Serpenti

As of today, Bulgari carries on with the serpent theme, which has already evolved into a creative symbol for the brand. Like a snake shedding its skin, the Bulgari Serpenti has metamorphosed—yet again following its brilliant collaboration with AMBUSH—reinventing itself while keeping its core concept intact amid the changing times.


Bulgari’s Greco-Roman heritage is widely evident in many of the brand’s designs based on history. They have always made it a point to reinterpret the past with a modern twist. So, for its Fall/Winter 2020 collection, the Italian house transfigures the Serpenti into a Maxi Glam dimension of playful sophistication and trailblazing flair.

Bulgari Serpenti


With an encapsulation of jewelry inspiration and leather goods artistry devoted to a modern lifestyle, the new Serpenti Forever bag is now smaller, smarter, and shorter. Concentrated on the stylistic trademarks of its coveted icon, the new bag has been revamped to meet the needs and dreams of urban women.

In addition to that, as the luxury brand aims to be glamorous as much as practical, the newly redesigned bag can now perfectly stash your phone and provide easy access to your belongings. And given the multiple storage units and compartments, this was definitely designed with the Gen-Z’s and the young trendsetters in mind.


Dynamic and versatile, the Serpenti Forever bag also embraces Bulgari’s wide materials and color palette—from mint and charcoal diamond metallic Karung, mint and berry tourmaline calf leather, and white agathe varnished calf leather.

Easy Elegance

With the younger generation becoming more and more conscious of the real function and versatility of what they buy, Bulgari also sought to re-imagine its jewelry line. And as they pioneered on prêt-à-porter and of a casual, informal approach to jewelry, they still remain to be on top by launching the new BVLGARI BVLGARI (BB) jewelry collection.


The newly introduced ultra-chic creations have been designed for a generation claiming for easy-to-wear jewels that strike a note of distinction with unmistakable design and natural charisma. From discreet pieces pepped up with colorful hard stones to everyday jewels elevated with a twist of diamonds, the BB collection channels the nonchalant spirit of the Roman Maison with a touch of seamless elegance.

Bulgari Serpenti


And as it is enlivened by Bulgari’s unmistakable touch of color, a coordinated set in rose gold made of necklace, bracelet, and ring, are instead encrusted with a striped green malachite or iridescent white mother-of-pearl, embracing a sparkling brilliant-cut diamond in both options.

Conjuring the starkly beautiful simplicity of Roman architecture, these brilliantly crafted jewels encapsulate the everyday allure—like that of the snake towards Adam and Eve—that has since epitomized the brand’s ability to realize a state-of-the-art design. Because for Bulgari, timeless elegance goes hand in hand with unexpected aesthetic solutions as time passes by.

Bulgari is located at The Shoppes, Solaire Resort and Casino. Visit for more information.

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