Seven Memorable Moments and Contributions of Alessandro Michele

Seven Memorable Moments and Contributions of Alessandro Michele


As Alessandro Michele departs his position as Gucci’s Creative Director, we look back on his unforgettable moments and radical impact in the fashion industry

Italian fashion designer Alessandro Michele showcased that what is new isn’t something we should be afraid of, that while a new form of direction may be daunting to some, it can and should still be embraced because creativity has no limits. We have yet to fully explore the vast possibilities of this world’s creativity, but Alessandro Michele became one of the very few designers in his time to truly welcome a dauntless fashion.

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However, just today, Gucci announced the official departure of Michele as their Creative Director, effective immediately. The House has now reached the point of seeking a new direction, a new chapter of fashion design.

To pay homage to Michele’s contribution to Gucci and the fashion industry, we look back on his memorable creations and moments over the past seven years.

Maximalist retro vintage

Debuting back in 2015, Alessandro Michele carried out a collection that was refreshing to the fashion scene at the time. Saturated tones were slightly muted and odd color combinations were introduced in retro silhouettes, but we can’t forget the avid use of prints in his designs, too. It was an iconic turnover of aesthetics that gave the House an unforgettable revamp.


Logo mania

The Gucci emblem went through a remodeling phase as Michele launched the current design back in 2019. Used across his designs such as coordinated prints, embellishments, and gold buckles—Michele was able to give the logo a fresh take, and it’s still quite the game changer until today. 

Rise of loafers

What was deemed old-fashioned and outdated was modernized with Michele’s unique eye for design. His line of loafers were highly experimental as furs, emblem patterns, quirky color combinations, and the classic gold buckle decorated the must-have shoes everyone has been eyeing to get their hands on.

Bags with a twist

While other brands and houses opted for classic and elegant designs with their bags, Michele opted for a more eccentric style. To keep things up to date, a recent show of his, Twinsburg, featured a playful appearance of gremlins inside their bags.

House collaborations

adidas x Gucci
Gucci x Balenciaga

In a span of seven years, the House had quite the ride with their line of collaborations with other brands. Constantly seeking new ways to bring forth a merge in design and to break the boundaries of fashion, Gucci was able to unite juxtaposed aesthetics through their collaborations. To list some of their iconic partnerships, Gucci collaborated with Balenciaga, Comme Des Garçon, Disney, and their most recent one, Adidas.

Gucci’s star-studded circle

Billie Eilish
Harry Styles

Just like their enviable relationship with Michele, the friends of the House are rather unmatched with their daring personalities and striking aura. It’s safe to say that they are the walking epitome of Gucci.

Dakota Johnson

Gucci Garden Archetypes

It’s quite the bittersweet ending to Michele’s time in Gucci as he recently showcased the Gucci Garden Archetypes, where one can stroll past his previous collections to the inspirations he uses as another idea blooms in his mind.

Photos from GUCCI (via Instagram)

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