Seven Staple Fashion Pieces We’ve Seen on Emma Chamberlain

Seven Staple Fashion Pieces We’ve Seen on Emma Chamberlain


We have all seen Emma Chamberlain’s iconic crop top and maxi skirt combo on TikTok, so we listed down her go-to pieces that are worth adding to our collection

A soft edge combined with the early 2000s aesthetic—it’s safe to say that this is how we would describe Emma Chamberlain’s overall style. Her steady rise in the digital world made a subtle impact on today’s latest fashion trends, especially the influence of Y2K. And while Emma Chamberlain isn’t shy to explore peculiar combos and eccentric pieces, we rounded up seven staple items she has that we can add to our wardrobes.

Tank Tops

There is no doubt that tank tops have sashayed their way in almost every closet because of its versatility and comfort. Whether it’s a neutral tank or a statement, Emma Chamberlain probably has a variety that she often pairs with her denims or maxi skirts.

Neutral Trousers

Yes, we have all heard that neutral trousers are a must-have, but styling them can go beyond the neutral palette. Just like Emma Chamberlain, we can style our trousers with a pop of color for a dynamic and youthful look. 

Maxi Skirts

Maxi’s have taken over the runway last season, which means this piece is easily a trend staple. Worn with a crop top for the hot weather or a knitted sweater if it’s a little cold, Emma Chamberlain has taken a liking to explore different looks with her maxi skirts. 

Chunky Loafers

We have seen chunky loafers on celebrities, models, and maybe Korean dramas, too, but Emma Chamberlain is one of the very few who loved the pair before it was trendy. Often worn with her maxi skirts, mom jeans, or denim shorts, the chunky loafers can definitely elevate a simple everyday ensemble. 

Statement Bags

Sometimes, dressing up stylishly isn’t an option. So, we opt for a quick and easy get-up. May it be a simple tee with trousers or an oversized sweater paired with some cycling shorts, we can easily make it chic with a statement bag—a trick that Emma Chamberlain often does.

Gold Accessories

Just like a good statement bag, gold accessories can easily tie up our overall look that makes it look extra chic. We can mix and match different styles to add a quirky touch to our ensemble.


With the type of heat we have in the Philippines, a pair of sunglasses might just be our best friend. While some prefer to stay with the classics, Emma Chamberlain stays trendy as she explores new and dynamic styles for her sunglasses.

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