Shamcey Supsup on Decoding the ‘Know When to Peak’ Strategy and Guiding Michelle Dee

Shamcey Supsup on Decoding the ‘Know When to Peak’ Strategy and Guiding Michelle Dee


Shamcey Supsup exclusively shares to MEGA her top advice for Michelle Dee and sets the record straight on the recurring accusation of advising contestants to hold back

Over the years, whenever our Miss Universe representatives missed out on the coveted crown, fans couldn’t help but ponder on the potential reasons behind it. The narrative often linked the losses to Shamcey Supsup, the National Director for Miss Universe Philippines and Miss Universe 2011 3rd runner-up, and her advice to Pia in 2015 about the ‘know when to peak’ strategy. Interestingly, Supsup clarified that those weren’t the exact words she used eight years ago, expressing her wish for a joint interview to offer fans a more comprehensive view of her guidance to the former Miss Universe. Nonetheless, she expressed gratitude that Wurtzbach openly talked about how her tip contributed to her winning the third Miss Universe crown for the country.

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Her statement’s truth

Shamcey Supsup with Venus Raj and Pia Wurtzbach

Nakakapagod talaga ‘yung schedules. You lack sleep, but you have to perform. But it is not everyday that you can perform, and that is okay.” This was Shamcey’s response when asked what she really told Pia before she went on to Miss Universe. Though she can’t recall her exact words, she clarifies it was more about conveying the message that not every activity requires a competitive edge. Some moments are meant for enjoyment, and the key is to conserve energy for the truly significant aspects of the competition. Drawing from her own experience, Shamcey mentions battling illness during her time in Miss Universe, but stresses that conserving energy doesn’t equate to complacency. It’s a reminder to find joy in the journey while reserving the best for the events that carry weight in scoring, such as preliminaries and finals night.

Embracing pageantry today

Shamcey Supsup with Rabiya Mateo
Shamcey Supsup with Celeste Cortesi

Reflecting on the past and her personal experience, the Miss Universe Philippines National Director notes a time when social media wasn’t as active, allowing beauty queens like her to have a more laid-back approach. However, she acknowledges the changes that have occurred and has updated her advice for the contestants she guides. According to Shamcey, “You have to be ready everyday. Everybody is on social media now and you have to capitalize on that.” While she underscores the significance of preliminaries and finals, she somewhat developed a different pageant perspective and emphasizes the value of maintaining a strong online presence, whether it is through pre-shot content or constantly posting everyday outfits. This, she believes, helps fans connect with the contestants on a personal level. Amidst the digital hustle, Shamcey said that, at the end of the day, she still always encourages her girls to stay relaxed and savor the competition.

Pageant perfection

MUPH National Director with the MUPH representatives from 2020 to 2022

Illustrating her hands-on approach as a National Director, Shamcey shared their practice of having one-on-one conversations with the girls, from Rabiya to Michelle, before they send them to Miss Universe. She stressed their purposeful decision to avoid generic advice for the representatives, opting instead to offer personalized support tailored to each girl’s individuality and personality. She also revealed their thoughtful consideration of managing the girls’ social media accounts, aiming to minimize exposure to negative comments during the competition while keeping their fans informed about their experiences. Notably, in Michelle’s case, Shamcey highlighted that such support wasn’t asked for as the beauty queen assured them of her resilience in the face of online criticism.

Shamcey’s crowning wisdom

Shamcey's advice for Michelle Dee

“Listen, but discern.” Summing up her advice in three words, Shamcey provided Michelle with a concise yet impactful compass for her upcoming major competition. Recognizing the intensity of the pageant, she reminded MMD before she went on to Miss Universe about the potential for an enthusiastic and possibly overwhelming response from people. She stressed the importance of resisting the urge to please everyone, emphasizing that once she steps off the plane, the spotlight is solely on her. The former Miss Universe Philippines also urged Michelle to trust herself, rely on her intuition, and embrace her individual journey. Lastly, she talked about the significance of maintaining a positive attitude during the competition, explaining that the organization appreciates individuals who not only excel in their skills, but are also easy to work with—a crucial factor in securing our fifth crown.

On MMD’s chances of winning

Michelle Dee's chances of winning

Having overseen the selection of Philippine representatives for Miss Universe for four consecutive years now, Shamcey Supsup maintains a consistent stance when asked about a contestant’s likelihood of winning the crown—she always feels uncertain, even on the day of the coronation. Nevertheless, she expressed a particular confidence in Michelle, citing not just her potential, but also the extensive preparation she observed, solidifying MMD as a promising contender for the competition.

“I always say that 50% is Michelle—what she does and what she presents there, and 50% is something that’s out of our hands; it really boils down to destiny.”

Ensuring her girls don’t buckle under the weight of pageant competition, Shamcey conveyed to our representative this year that aside from efforts and sacrifices, winning the crown is also about anticipating if the stars will align for us. This advice echoes what she has imparted to past MUPH representatives: strive for excellence, but manage expectations. Yet, Shamcey shared that whenever she looks at MMD, she can’t help but recognize her as a queen in her own right. According to her, regardless of the Miss Universe outcome tomorrow, Michelle’s sacrifices and dedicated efforts are more than enough to speak volumes about her regality.

Photos: SHAMCEY SUPSUP (via Instagram)

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