Shape Up Your Style: The Ideal Haircuts For Every Guy’s Face Shape

Shape Up Your Style: The Ideal Haircuts For Every Guy’s Face Shape


If you’re like most men and have trouble deciding on a haircut, here are some tips on how to find the right style that complements your face shape

Without a doubt, every man has felt a little down in the dumps after getting a haircut at some point. When it comes to rocking the ultimate hairdo, one crucial element you should take into consideration is your face shape. In this article, let us learn how to identify your facial structure and discover the perfect haircuts that will leave you looking dapper and confident after your next visit to the barber.

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For the oval face shape

@12pell Oval face shapes are defined by its even proportion and also by its other name…the egg 🥚. Some of hunts you want to avoid are forward hairstyles winch as fringes or crops since these can remove your angles and soften up your features. Hairstyles that work great are quiffs, faux hawks, crewcuts, and Caesar’s! #faceshape #barbershop #barber ♬ unholy sped up – xxtristanxo

Oval faces are generally regarded as ideal and flexible because of their proportionality. Thus, men with this face shape have more options when it comes to hairstyles. They can experiment with short, clean cuts like the classic crew cut or buzz cut, which is an excellent choice because it frames the face perfectly. For guys who want to pull off medium-length hair, you can try the side part. Lastly, the long, slick back can work nicely if you want to keep your mane long because it does not draw attention away from your features and does not add visual weight to the side of your head.

For the round face shape

@haloblendz Haircut for a round face shape 💈 model: @thereposter7 #2023hairtrends #2023hairtrendsformen #menshairstyles2023 #hairtrendsformen #funnybarbervideos #menshairstyles #hairstylesformen #roundfaceshape #roundfaceshapehairstyles ♬ Sky Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

Rounder faces are usually wider and feature softer angles. For guys with this type of facial structure, the goal is to create the illusion of a longer, more defined appearance. Haircuts that work well include short fades or undercuts on the sides for contrast, textured quiffs or pompadours on top to add height and length, and angular and asymmetrical cuts to give the appearance of a more sculpted jawline.

For the square face shape

@jimmythehairdresser Blessed with a jawline 📦 #faceshapes #haircut #squareface #squarefaceshape ♬ original sound – Jimmy the hairdresser

Faces that are square are characterized by strong, angular jawlines and roughly equal width and length. The trick is to make the most of the square shape while keeping the overall appearance balanced. Short, close cuts, such as the classic crew cut or high and tight, are recommended for guys with square faces. To emphasize a strong jawline, men can experiment with textured spikes or messy-looking styles that are matched with short, well-groomed beards.

For the rectangular face shape

@haloblendz Hairstyles for Rectangle Face Shapes 💈 #fyp #menshairstyles #howtocuthair #howtofadehair #howtofade #barbershop #funnybarbervideos #barberlife ♬ babydoll x the perfect girl by DJ LILLI – DJ LILLI

Rectangular shaped faces have a distinct difference from their square counterparts. This face shape is defined as longer than wide, with more angular features. When choosing a haircut, men should always go for a style whose purpose is to make the face appear more balanced and wide. Men with rectangular faces can opt for medium-length cuts that, when combined with side-swept fringe, create the illusion of a more rounded face. To achieve the appearance of more width and volume, guys can also experiment with textured crops and layered cuts. Last but not least, a short fade paired with a neatly groomed beard is a surefire way to achieve a desirable look.

For the diamond face shape

@thesocialcut Not sure if you have a diamond face shape? Here’s how to know and the best hairstyles for a diamond face shape! #menshair #menshairstyle #menshairstyles #mensgrooming #besthairstyle #diamondface #diamondfaceshape #hairstylesformen #mensfaceshapes #faceshape #faceshapehairstyle ♬ Chill Day – LAKEY INSPIRED

Gentlemen blessed with diamond-shaped faces boast a narrow forehead and chin, accentuated by their broad and chiseled cheekbones. The trick to a flattering haircut is to play up your cheekbones without overdoing it. Men with diamond shaped faces can benefit from haircuts like the classic side part, which draws attention away from the narrowness of the forehead; the messy fringe, which adds volume and texture; and the classic pompadour, which softens the angles of the cheekbones.


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