Sharon Cuneta Teaches Parents the Art of Accepting Their Own Children

Sharon Cuneta Teaches Parents the Art of Accepting Their Own Children


Sharon opens up on how acceptance and honesty have made her relationship with daughters KC, Kakie, and Miel better

Relationships generally do thrive in choice and persistence to make it work. But sometimes, the only way to make things better is through acceptance. After 37 years of being a mother, Megastar Sharon Cuneta finally understands this fact. 

In a two-part interview with showbiz entertainment reporter Ogie Diaz, the actress opened up on her role as a mother to her children KC Concepcion, Kakie Pangilinan, and Miel Pangilinan. Having their fair share of fame, Sharon’s daughters have also experienced being exposed to different issues—sometimes, even including their mother herself. 

KC Concepcion, Kakie Pangilinan, and Miel Pangilinan

On accepting identity

During their conversation, Sharon and Ogie touched on some of the news about the actress-singer’s daughters, including Kakie’s online presence and Miel’s coming out pose. Sharon kept it short and simple with her second daughter and her creative pursuits: “She is a better musician than I am.” 

When it came to Miel’s coming out last June 2022, Sharon explained why it became easier for her to accept her child’s sexuality. “Buhay ng sariling anak ko ito. ‘Yung ginawa kong sacrifices noon, I don’t think my children or anybody should [do], kasi buhay mo ‘yan eh.” 

Miel Pangilinan

As long as wala kang tinatapakan, wala kang sinasaktan, gawin mo kung anong ikaliligaya mo. Minsan ka lang mabuhay. Walang dress rehearsal. Hindi ‘to pelikula. You only have one shot at making yourself happy. 

Sharon also expounded on her belief on the matter. “Kung ‘yun lang ang preference niya, o ano ang problema? Naisip ko, ‘di ko choice. Sometimes, pinapanganak ka, ganu’n ka na. So ano? Nagkamali si God? Let’s not fool ourselves into believing na alam natin lahat ng alam niya. So I don’t believe that God is cruel. I believe that he doesn’t make mistakes. She didn’t choose to be queer—she just is. All my children have good hearts. I am blessed with that.” 

On accepting choice

Living as an open book with a public life, Sharon has always expressed her longingness for her first child, KC Concepcion. In the interview, she emphasized how deep her love for KC is. “‘Yan ang unang-unang nagparamdam sa akin ng pagiging ina.” 

Sharon Cuneta with her daughter, KC Concepcion

As a mother, the Megastar admittedly felt like she lacked and went overboard with certain aspects when she was raising KC. She explained that she wanted to protect her daughter from negativity. Now that she’s a bit older, she stressed on wanting her first daughter to open up to her. Sharon pointed out, “Siyempre, gusto mo mag-open up sa’yo ‘yung anak mo kasi iintindihin mo, eh. Hindi ko alam, eh sa’kin naman siya lumaki.” 

Just like her mother, KC also dabbled into show business with acting, singing, theater projects. She even gave a glimpse of her college life in Paris with her documentary, KC from Paris to Pinas. The “Mega Daughter” is currently traveling around the world and exploring different cultures while managing her jewelry business, Avec Moi by Kristina. 

Sharon Cuneta with her daughter, KC Concepcion

While Sharon is happy about her daughter’s independence and strong will, she also pointed out that they are polar opposites. “Hindi naman lahat ng anak mo, makakasundo mo nang pare-pareho. [But] you will love all of them equally. Ang magulang naman ang gusto lang, a little appreciation, respect, acknowledgment. Gusto ko maging mas successful pa sa akin si KC at lahat ng anak ko.” 

On accepting children

Indeed, there is no exact and assigned formula to any form of relationship, even when acceptance is in the picture. It may not be easy for any parent, but Sharon has acknowledged the reality—no matter how difficult it can be for many—that parents do not own anyone, especially their offsprings. No mother or father can and should dictate their children’s identity and choices, especially when they’re already capable of making their own. At the end of the day, parents are there to guide and help when they need them. 

Sharon Cuneta with KC Concepcion and Miel Pangilinan

As any relationship works when two parties are willing to put in the effort, maybe just like Miel and even KC, children can also give honesty and authenticity a shot when explaining things to their parents or parental figures. Who knows? Maybe they’re just waiting. No case is the same for everyone, but accepting oneself beats any other truth that you can tell people, especially to the ones you share your blood with. 

Photos from SHARON CUNETA and KC CONCEPCION (via Instagram)

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